Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Competitions, Writing and... Maths?

I won a boxed set of The Best of Enid Blyton from Date A Book recently, (if you're Australian and you haven't already you should *like* their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/datebooks) and it arrived in the mail today. Squee! And yes, I am counting 'squee' as a cool word, because I like it! Anyway, I thought that was a nice way to start things off, plus I'm very excited and wanted to share the news with everybody.

I thought I'd share a little of my day with you, as that is all I really have to write about. I am not going to go about it in chronological order though, as that is too snazzy and un-confusing for me!

So this evening my boyfriend came to my place of residence for an hour or so to hang out. I had been entering a competition that Jessica Khoury (author of a new book called Origin) was running which involves writing a very short piece of fiction based on a chosen theme and a picture that is to come from the authors pinterest board. (The competition is international and can be found at Jessica's blog if anyone's interested: http://jnkhoury.blogspot.com.au/) I love to write so I had heaps of fun entering this competition, which is only on for another 3 days! I knew my boyfriend also liked to write (or at least he had liked to) so I held him at gunpoint and forced him to enter. (That's all lies and slander by the way, but it is more intriguing than the actual story) I was super-duper impressed with what he wrote! I thought it was just brilliant and I was sad it had to be so short because I would've loved to know more. He was less impressed than me with what he wrote, but I think that's the way it is when you write things, you think it is 'just okay' while others believe it to be a masterpiece. I am very excited now to see if either of us take the gold in the competition. (I find it very weird that I said 'take the gold' as I never watch the Olympics and it seems a very olympicy thing to say). I can't find very much more to say on this subject, probably because it is well past the time when I should be sleeping but I need to get this all down first, mostly out of stubbornness.

The other main part of my day was college. I only had one lesson today which happened to be maths.. my favourite! (just in case you couldn't pick up on it, my voice/text was dripping with sarcasm). I don't mind maths, I have quite a mathematical brain, but having to remember all those different formulas just about kills me. I usually have quite a good time in maths, it's only a one hour session and one of my friends happens to be taking that class too!, but today we had a relief teacher and I just couldn't seem to like her. My usual teacher, Shaun (the Sheep) is really good. He's funny and nice and I can understand what he is teaching us; this lady was below par compared to him. Firstly, she looked grumpy. I didn't really feel any warmth from her, she warmed up a little through the lesson, but she didn't really make you feel warm and fuzzy. Secondly, I could understand a thing she was trying to teach us. I'm not sure if she was speaking an alien language or if I was just having an off day, but I just couldn't comprehend what she was saying. Maybe I'm just too used to Shaun's teaching style, but I just couldn't quite understand. In the end I went through my book and by comparing that and her foreign scrawls, I was able to decipher the formulas/equations. I don't know if I'm being overly harsh on her, but she just didn't mesh well with me. Apart from that little annoyance, I had a rather wonderful day.

I was going to do this with my last post... but I forgot, so I shall just have to start it here. I don't think I'll do this for every post (mostly because my memory refuses to cooperate with me, and I shall likely forget) but I shall do it every so often. Here is my word of the day/week/month... [insert drum-roll here]

Pulchritudinous adjective: Physically beautiful; comely

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