Sunday, 12 August 2012


Hello there my chums!
This is technically not my first blog post but it is also, in a way, my first blog post. (As you can probably tell I usually make a lot of sense... at least to me... most of the time). I'm not entirely sure what I should say. I think I may have had it mapped out in my head before but it somehow must've wriggled away while I was looking elsewhere. Anyway, one thing I've decided is that during my posts I shall highlight certain words and phrases that tickle my fancy, just because.

I think this first post will be fairly short, mainly because I cannot think of a worthy enough subject for this particular tale of whimsy. I shall introduce myself now, as I neglected to do so in the opening paragraph which would probably have made sense. I'm not really one for sense though, I prefer to be as kooky and nonsensical as one can be!
So, my name is Myra and I am currently 16 (though soon to be 17, might I add!)  I reside in a little state called Tasmania, which is somehow commonly over-looked when Australia is mentioned. I don't understand why this is, maybe it's because the sheer awesomeness of the people who live here dazzles people so they occasionally forget our existence. My days are usually filled with books, reading, boyfriend, competition entering, boyfriend, school, facebook, reading, work, computer, boyfriend, movies, sleeping, eating, reading and occasionally homework. There is actually a lot more than that filling up my time, but that list is good enough for the moment.

I don't think I have anything else to say at the moment, I can always return if the need arises. Plus I have many more opportunities in which I'll be able to express myself and hopefully improve my blogging.

So that's a cheerio for now and I wish you all the best.


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