Friday, 30 November 2012

Book Depository - 24 Hours of Offers!

A couple of weeks ago The Book Depository had a 24 Hours of Offers Day and while I tried to take a look at it, I had school and didn't really get a proper chance to check it out. I was quite sad, I was hoping to pick up some good deals so I was really excited when I found out they were having another one, especially with Christmas just around the corner!

The 24 Hours of Offers is run by The Book Depository where they have limited stock of 24 heavily discounted books (ranging widely in genre) and give you the chance to buy one each hour. They also have some bonus books which they share if the offered book is quickly snatched up! I've probably done a poor job of explaining this so I'll put TBD's explanation on here as well but basically they have a heavily discounted book that's available for an hour but they only have a certain number of copies available. If the book is sold out before the hour is up, TBD will sometimes put up another bonus book that you can buy until the next hour. You got it? ..No? Well then, I'll let The Book Depository explain:

"We have limited stock of 24 great titles to cover 24 hours. Each hour we will be offering one of these at a superb price with up to 70% off RRP (and maybe even a sneaky bonus offer here and there too). Each title is for sale for one hour only or until the stock runs out. The promotion will run from 6th Dec 2012 Noon(GMT) till 7th Dec 2012 Noon(GMT)."

You got it now? Good.

So the 24 Hours of Offers starts on December 6th at 12:00noon GMT, which is 7:00am EST and 11:00pm AEDT which means I might miss out on the first few offers for the sake of sleeping but I'll jump right on in the morning and try and snag a few bargains!

This is only available on so don't head to the other site and accidentally miss out!

I hope you can find something interesting and grab an amazing bargain! Enjoy your weekend!

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