Sunday, 10 February 2013

Judging a Book by It's Cover [11]

So I've been running this for a while and I've been constantly changing it, but now I've decided what I'm doing and I'd love for you guys to join me! There are heaps of different memes about, I do quite a few of them here like Waiting on Wednesday and Stacking the Shelves, etc.. but I also wanted to do something that was my own and that's how this came about. I don't actually judge a book solely on it's cover, I've read many a bad book with a gorgeous cover and many great books with very plain, boring covers, so I'm not a total cover snob, but I do appreciate a nice cover. This is just a simple, fun post showcasing some of the covers we love and what we love about them! If you want to join in just create your own post and leave a link to it in the comments below!

(Wings #1)
by Aprilynne Pike
Publication Date: 5th May 2012

Why it Caught My Eye:
I was just browsing through some books and when I saw this book I thought 'yeah, cool - nothing dramatic but fairly pretty' when I finally noticed that the "wings" on the front were in fact petals, I was intrigued.

Favourite Feature:
Well there aren't very many to choose from but I do think the petals are just gorgeous. The colour and the droplets of water are very pretty indeed!

What I Guessed About the Book:
I thought that it must have something to do with faeries though I couldn't figure out the petals on the cover until I started to read. I didn't guess much from the cover but I quite liked the whole mystery of not knowing.

The After Opinion:
I enjoyed this book, but I haven't read it in years and I haven't tried any of the other books in the series (my mother read the second one and told me there was a major cliffhanger at the end so I thought I'd wait until they were all out!). I loved the petals/wings and how great the concept of this book was, it was very interesting.

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