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Three Sisters & Showstoppers by Helen Smith Blog Tour - Interview + Giveaway


Three Sisters & Showstoppers (Emily Castles Mysteries) by Helen Smith
Publication Date: 5th February & 5th December 2011

Three Sisters and Showstoppers are two novella-length stories in the Emily Castles mystery series. The first full-length novel, Invitation to Die, will be published by Thomas & Mercer in October 2013.

The Emily Castles mystery series is set in present-day London. It features twenty-six-year-old Londoner Emily Castles and her neighbor, eccentric philosophy professor Dr. Muriel Crowther. In Three Sisters, Emily goes to a party in a big house at the end of her street. She's sure she witnesses a murder, but no one will believe her. She teams up with Dr. Muriel to investigate.

In Showstoppers, Emily helps out at a local stage school run by her neighbor, Victoria. Soon she's mixed up in a blackmail plot and two deaths. Emily and Dr. Muriel team up to prevent further a massacre live on stage during the end of term show.

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Author Bio - Helen Smith

Helen Smith is a novelist and playwright who lives in London. She's the author of bestselling cult novels Alison Wonderland, Being Light and The Miracle Inspector as well as the Emily Castles Mystery Series.

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Interview with Helen Smith

I'm very excited to be interviewing Helen Smith, author of the Emily Castle Mysteries. She's pretty cool and I had fun reading her answers! Thank you Helen.

When did you decide you wanted to be an author?
I loved reading as a child and I always assumed that I would write books when I grew up. I started my first novel when I was ten. It wasn’t very good! By the time I was eighteen I had a plan—if you can call it that—to live an interesting life and then sit down and start writing when I was about thirty. But you know how it is… life got in the way. I had my daughter and went out to work full-time and I didn’t give much thought to my ‘plan’. I did have a lovely few years travelling all over the world, including Australia (though I didn’t get to visit Tasmania, unfortunately.) Then when I was twenty-nine I realised that if I was doing to write a book, I had better start now. I began writing my first novel, Alison Wonderland, which was published a few years later.

How much research has gone into your books? Did you discover any surprising things?
I tend to make up stories and characters based on the people and situations around me. I use London as a location because I live here and I can write about things I’ve seen or I’m familiar with. I don’t need to do research in the way that I would if, for example, I were writing historical novels. But now that I’m writing murder mysteries, I do need to get my facts straight about causes of death and symptoms and so on. The Internet is invaluable for that.

Which of your works has had the most impact on you, as both a person and a writer?
My first novel, Alison Wonderland, had the most impact on my life. It had been my dream to get a novel published. When I got that call from my agent, I knew it was the start of everything for me!

What has been the biggest highlight, so far, in being a published author?
My publisher flew me to New York in 2011 to attend a conference called Book Expo America, where publishers, authors, readers and bloggers can meet to talk about books. That was fun! But there’s something really special about getting a good review for a book. Ideally, you’re not supposed to take reviews personally, whether good or bad. But I do feel the most incredible gratitude when I read an appreciative review of one of my books. Each good review is a highlight and can make me feel happy all day.

What is your favourite play? (Apart from your own fabulous plays, of course!) Or do you have a favourite playwright?
Ha, thanks for mentioning my plays! I always find it really difficult to choose one favourite play—or even a favourite playwright. There are some very clever, interesting people working in the UK at the moment, including Mike Bartlett, David Greig and national treasure Alan Bennett who wrote The Madness of King George and the stage play for The Wind in the Willows, among other things. It’s always worth seeing something by one of them.

What books are you currently working on and do you have anything planned for the future?
My first full-length novel in the Emily Castles series, Invitation to Die, will be published later this year. It’s set at a convention of romance authors in Bloomsbury, London. I’m currently working on the next one in the series, Beyond Belief, which is set in Torquay.


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