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Andromeda Rising by James Ramsey Blog Tour - Interview + Giveaway

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Andromeda Rising

Andromeda Rising by James Ramsey
Urban Fantasy/Paranormal
Published 30th May 2013 by James Ramsey

I should have been paying attention. Growing up on the run from religious fanatics gave me more than a few good reasons to be careful, but I was just too tired to be as vigilant as I should have been. My mind was occupied with my latest case—a missing nine year old girl. I was usually good at my job, but sometimes I needed a little extra help from magick. I always managed to track down a cheating spouse or the occasional runaway, but now it seemed more children were missing from the streets of Seattle and nothing I did worked.

A cat jumped on my shoulder and jerked me from my exhaustion induced stupor. I spun into a defensive crouch only to see the cat had landed on the sidewalk behind me.

Time seemed to stop for a moment when the cat spoke.


My name is Jocelyn Matthews and if I live through tonight, I’ll tell you all about my life as a witch.


For the past ten years, Jocelyn has been living as a closet witch in Seattle. When the Inquisitors that have been after her from the time she was nine finally manage to find her, Jocelyn is thrust into a world she never guessed existed. From talking cats to dark elves, she'll have to do something she's never done before: trust someone other than herself. If she wants to find the children that have been going missing all over the city, she'll have to open her eyes to the bigger picture and find her place, not only for her safety but for the city as well.

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Guest Post

1. What has been the biggest highlight, so far, in being a published author?
I would have to say getting to share my story with so many people. For so long I hid or down-played my writing. It was just a hobby when what I should have been saying is it’s a passion. Now my family and friends can read my thoughts and know where I go when I stare off into space or disappear for hours at a time with my laptop.

2. What was the hardest part about writing your book?
Closing all the plot holes while still setting up the sequels and not giving everything away. It’s a really hard thing to do. I know where the characters are going and the things they’ll encounter but I can’t give away too many hints too soon.

3. What books/authors have most influenced your writing?
That’s a tough one. There are so many. Each individual author has so much to offer. Anne Rice and Tolkien have amazing descriptions. Their worlds are so rich that you can smell, touch, and hear—not just see—what they are describing. Kim Harrison has really original ideas and some of the wittiest dialogue that makes me laugh every time. J.K Rowling is a genius and her character development and the realistic progression from children to adults was brilliant.

4. Where is your favourite place to go for inspiration (whether a real place, or a place in your mind)?
I have a coffee shop I go to in the small city I live in. I can sit there for hours. The owners know me and have become friends over the years. Some of my best inspiration has been just sitting there hopped up on caffeine watching some unique characters drifting in and out of the door. I always write with my iPod on so I don’t always get the benefit of hearing conversations, but making up stories while I people-watch is entertaining. I get inspiration from everywhere. Conversations, news casts, music, movies, other books.

5. What was your favourite book/series/author when you were growing up?
Hands down had to be the Black Stallion series by Walter Farley. I was, and still am, rather horse crazy. A boy gets marooned on a desert island and befriends a wild stallion. Is there anything better than that?

6. What is one food you think would be interesting to try?
I’m a pretty picky eater. It drives my mom and husband nuts. I generally will try anything I can identify all the ingredients of.

7. Where is your favourite place to read/write?
I love to write at my local coffee shop. Like I said, it provides some inspiration as well as a place to write without the distractions of home. When I’m at home there are always things interrupting me: my cat trying to get on my lap, horses to feed, dinner or laundry. When I’m at the coffee shop I seem to get into a groove, and I can sit there for five or six hours pounding out words.

8. Any parting words of wisdom?
Writing the book will be the easiest part. I have learned that having a fantastic team you can trust to help you out and support you is invaluable. An editor you have a good relationship with is more valuable than diamonds, and a prereader or two who read quickly and have no fear of asking questions and pointing out your faults will only help a book get better.

Author Bio - James Ramsey

James  RamseyOften accused of being lost in her own world, James spends most of her time at home with her husband and a menagerie of animals.

She blames her love of the written word entirely on her Grandfather who owned a bookstore, feeding her addiction regularly. Cutting her teeth on illustrated fairy tales she quickly moved on to Farley Mowatt and Lucy Maude Montgomery. 

Proudly standing in line till after midnight for five of the seven Harry Potter books she was the only one there without a child.

Kim Harrison, Charlaine Harris, Anne Rice, Keri Arthur, Jean M. Auel, Dan Brown, Stephanie Laurens, Christopher Paolini, Stephenie Meyer, and Jane Austen represent just a fraction of the titles found in her personal library.

She is rarely found without a bag full of notebooks, iPods, and her Kindle.

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