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How to be Almost Famous in Ten Days by Kathleen S. Allen

How to Be Almost Famous in Ten DaysTitle: How to be Almost Famous in Ten Days

Series: N/A

Kathleen S. Allen

Published: 15th March 2013 by Gypsy Shadow Publishing Company

Source: E-copy from the author for an honest review


Seventeen-year-old Cassie Cee feels invisible because she's a double-digit size. She finds a book in a secondhand bookstore that she hopes will change her life. Her best friend's brother wants to make vlogs about how she is following the ten rules she found in the book, why she is doing it, and how she feels about being invisible for his school project. She agrees, but only if he promises no one but his college advisor will see the vlogs. He promises, but a friend of his posts them online and they go viral. When one of the "famous rules" puts her best friend, Rachel in a dangerous situation, Cassie makes one last vlog and Chuck posts it online. But emails begin arriving from other girls who have felt invisible, and she realizes she has to own up to being "the real Cassie Cee."

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This was a very quick, light read, but with a great underlying message; to embrace who you are and show the world you matter.

The book follows Cassie, a double-digit-sized seventeen year old struggling to be seen in a society where thin, graceful beauty rules. Cassie's bestfriend is Rachel. Rachel is pretty, a size two and she receives attention from guys everywhere she goes. After a chance encounter with a 'how to be famous..' book, Cassie forms a plan to put her name into the world, but ashamed of how she looks, Cassie hides behind Rachel's perfect figure, believing no one could see past her appearance to find the real Cassie.

A lot of different things/stunts take place in this book. Some of the situations seemed a little ridiculous to me and since I couldn't relate at all, I sometimes found myself feeling a little distant from the character. I couldn't see myself doing half the things Cassie and her friends did, which put me at a disadvantage as it turned the reality of the book into someting less so. I still really enjoyed their mini adventures and still felt close enough to the story and characters to experience the emotional journey they went through.

I think my two favourite characters were Chuck and Watson. I liked everyone else, though Rachel's silliness was sometimes a bit too much, but it was the boys that really stole my heart. Their characters were just fantastic and I could really see myself being friends with them.

How to be Almost Famous in Ten Days is a really uplifting book. I loved the fact that the main character was not a skinny-mini, and didn't try to be. She wasn't happy with her appearnce yet instead of trying to change it, she tried to change the way in which people saw her, she tried to become the cool, confident person she wanted to be and I really respected that. This book was a really refreshing read and I casually devoured it in an afternoon. I really enjoyed it and wish there had been more.

3.5/5 Whales


Freshly painted Bubble Gum pink walls overloaded my eyes. Everywhere I looked shades of pink or red assaulted the senses. A pink quilt atop a ruffled bedskirt that matched the walls adorned the queen-sized bed. Pink netting strung through with tiny twinkling pink lights hung over the bed. Isn't that a fire hazard? Several scarlet red and Cotton Candy pink hearts were scattered around Rachel who lay on her stomach in the middle of all that pink, reading. Her desk had been painted pink with tiny red heart stickers all over it. The walls were covered in romance book covers. I shut my eyes, horrified at the sight of so much pink in one room.
“Oh, hi Cass. Like my room? Mom let me redo it last weekend.”
I opened my eyes again. Still there. I shuddered.
“Not a big fan of pink, but it’s definitely you.”
I sat down on the bed next to her trying to ignore the pinkness. It was beginning to give me a migraine.
I dug the book out of my bag. “Remember this?” I asked.
“Yes, of course. I hate to be rude, Cass but I need to finish this book. It’s so good. Listen to this passage…”
“NO…er…I mean, not right now, maybe later?”
She sighed sitting up. “Out with it,” she said.
She sat on the edge of the bed jiggling her foot back and forth. She only did that when she was annoyed.
“I am following the rules of the book,” I said.
“You told me, in order to get famous in twenty days.”
“Anyway, the first rule—actually it’s the tenth rule--is to make a video on YouTube to say why you want to be famous.”
She got up rummaging in her desk drawer. She pulled out two pieces of bubble gum. “Want one?”
“No, is that the leftover gum you got from Halloween still?”
She popped both in her mouth. “Yeth, so?”
I shrugged.
“Anyway, I don’t think anyone would want to look at me so I want you to do the video for me.”
Rachel chewed for a minute then blew a huge pink bubble. It splattered all over her face. She laughed at the sticky mess.
“What do you mean; you want me to do it? Help you with it?”
“No, do the video and pretend to be me.”
She almost gagged on her gum. Taking the wad out she held it between her index finger and her thumb studying it. Her gaze drifted to mine. 

Author Bio - Kathleen S. Allen

Kathleen has been writing since she was eight years old when she self-published her first book. Okay, she hand-copied her poems onto plain white paper, paper punched three holes in the sides, made an orange and blue “book jacket” and threaded red ribbon through the holes that she tied with a bow. Ta Dah! Her first book! She’s been writing ever since. She writes in different genres but YA is her favorite. 

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  1. Great review, Myra! I'm glad you enjoyed it even though you didn't really connect with the character. I do like that she's not the perfect barbie girl type, too. And also that mini whale is super cute!!

  2. Great review.
    i dont know how I would feel about this book. I mean, i like it when a character isnt perfect and skinny and beautiful... but I would still want her to be confident, r at least to grow into confidence throughout the book.
    Also, I cant stand silly or ridiculous characters. (bordering on dumb) Not my cup of tea

    Im glad you enjoyed it!

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