Thursday, 1 August 2013

Help Me Out! One Year Blogoverasry Coming Soon!

So it's my  one year blogoversary in approximately 7 weeks and I'd like to throw something special together to celebrate! Technically my first blog post was on the 11th of August but I didn't know what I wanted to do with Pieces of Whimsy until six weeks later, September 21st, which is where my booky blog began.. More on that next month. ;)

To celebrate I want hold some awesome giveaways and some epicly entertaining posts for all my wonderful followers (and all those who have yet to discover my blog). Unfortunately there are two slight problems with this. Firstly school, which while being great fun and all, it kind of interrupts my amazing-post-creating time. The other thing is money. I currently don't have a job and it looks unlikely that I'll be getting one any time this year and while my fabulous boyfriend is willing to sponsor as many giveaways as I would like (he's an absolute sweetheart), I'd rather he spent his money on himself. This is the part where I need help.

I need people to help sponsor giveaways and come up with awesome posts (interview, fun facts, bookish gossip, anything goes!). Be ye bloggers, authors, or some other manner of being I'm willing to host all manner of peoples. 
Depending on how many people are interested in helping out, my celebrations could go from a week or two to a couple of months (that's me being very, very optimistic though :P)!

If you sign up no only will you be helping me out but I'll help you out too. If you're an author, I'll include a spotlight of your book/books/series on your post. If your a blogger I'll showcase your blog! Hopefully my blogoversary will create some hype that I can share with all my helpers too!

I've probably talked for too long, I tend to get carried away with things. I've made a neat little form (below) for anyone interested in helping out to fill in. I'm also putting this form on a tab/page at the top of my blog for easy access. If you feel I've forgotten anything don't hesitate to contact me. I can't promise to include everyone who signs-up, it really depends on numbers but I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Thank you!

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