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One Year Blogoversary Celebrations - Interview + This or That with Lolita from Lola's Reviews

Welcome to the next post in my blogoversary celebrations. Today we have Lolita from Lola's Reviews as our special guest with an interview and this or that! Instead of me giving her a clumsy introduction I've asked Lola to tell us a little about her and her blog before so you can get to know her a little before all the fun stuff!

I am Lolita, I am 23 years old and I live in the Netherlands. I have my bachelor's degree in psychology and my master's degree in economic and consumer psychology. I am interested in humans and interactions and I love hanging around on social media. Also I love reading books and writing reviews about them, hence the reason I started this blog. I am a bit of a critical reader and also love beta reading.

Besides reading, hanging around on the internet and finding out more about social media I also love gaming, puzzling, lego and walking. I love being around nature and everything that's green. Spring is my favourite season and my favourite time of the day is afternoon. My favourite animal is a pinguin and I love the colour green. I have 4 pet rats that are called: Smarties, Snickers, Skittles and Pita.

I work as a publicist for Entranced Publishing. And I have my own blog tour business, called Lola's Blog Tours. I organize blog tours, cover reveals, book blitzes and review only events for Middle Grade, Young Adult, New Adult, Adult and Erotica books. I love spreading the word about awesome books!

Lola’s Blog Tours:


How long have you been blogging? What made you start?
I have been blogging since February 2012. I started out as a co-blogger at K-Books and in December 2012 started my own blog, Lola’s Reviews. The reason I wanted to start blogging is because I love reading and ever since I joined Goodreads I wanted to start my own blog. I found out how much I loved writing reviews and it seemed like only as a blogger you could be really on top of everything in the book world. I started writing more and more reviews and I wanted a blog, but I didn’t dare take the step and I am still really glad I could start out as a co-blogger at first.

What do you love most about being a book blogger?
I love knowing that other people read what I write and that my opinion matters. I also love meeting awesome authors and helping them spread the word about awesome books and interacting with other book bloggers.

If you were told you could read only one book for the rest of your life, your choice, what book would you choose and why?
The fever series by Karen Marie Moning (and yes that’s one book, I actually have it on my Kobo as one book, actually the 5 books combined as one). The Fever series is the only series that I’ve re-read and with that I mean that I re-read the entire series and I loved it even more than the first time I read those books. I think I can re-read them a whole lot of more times before I get enough of them.

What have been a few of your top reads of 2013 (doesn't have to have released this year, just something you've read)?
- Daughter of Smoke and Bone (Daughter of Smoke and Bone #1) by Laini Taylor
- Boundless (Unearthly #3)
- Fire Country (Country Saga #1) by David Estes
- Water and Strom Country (Country Saga #3) by David Estes
- Earth Country (Country Saga #4/Dwellers Saga #4) by David Estes
- Debt Collector series by Susan Kaye Quinn
- The Rising (Darkness Rising #3) by Kelley Armstrong
- Golden Dunes of Renhala (Renhala #2) by Amy Joy Lutchen
- Camp Boyfriend (Camp Boyfriend #1) by JK Rock
- Anywhere by J Meyers
- Losing Francesca by JA Huss

What has been one of the most amazing blogging experiences (or an experience that has come from blogging) you've had?
One of the most amazing blogging experiences is when I got an ARC for a blog tour and I had some issues with it that I thought the author should know about. I eventually decided to send him a message on Goodreads and he appreciated my feedback so much that I’ve been a beta reader for him ever since.

List five adjectives to describe yourself.
Reader, dreamer, control-freak, critical, quiet and contemplative.

Which three authors (alive or deceased) would you invite to a dinner party and why?
I would invite David Estes, Amy Joy Lutchen and Karen Rock. All 3 are such awesome and nice authors and 3 of the nicest authors I have met so far. David Estes because he is such an awesome person and writes awesome books. Amy because she is one of the nicest authors I have met and shares my love for tea. Karen is such a sweet, nice and enthusiastic person and is always ready to help or send swag all the way to Europe.

Where can we find you and your blog?
You can find my blog here:
You can also find me on facebook at
and on twitter as @LolasReviews

This or That

Fantasy or Contemporary? Both. For quite some time I only read Fantasy, but since summer 2012 I started reading Contemporary too and I love the genre.

Tea or Coffee? Tea! I hate the taste of coffee and I love tea.

Young Adult or New Adult? Can I choose both again? I think both genres are great, I love the fact the characters in New Adult books are around the same age as me, but I also love Young Adult books and all the drama and teenage behavior in there.

Reading in the Morning or Afternoon/Evening? Afternoon/Evening. I usually stand up at 11am, so my day starts pretty late. I usually do work first and then read in the afternoon and/or evening.

Sleeping In or Waking Early? Sleeping In. I love staying in bed long, although there is a limit. I prefer to be out of bed before 11:30 am.

Print book or E-book? Print. I love e-books, but there is just something about holding a real book in your hand. Although I have to say that I can’t live without my e-reader either.

Thank you so much Lola! I loved the interview and this or that. I bought Daughters of Smoke and Bone about a month ago because I really wanted to read it, but I still haven't gotten around to it! I really think I need to get it read soon though!

Thanks for sharing with us today, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

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