Thursday, 28 November 2013

The Book Depository's 50 Books, 50 Offers, 25 Hours Sale!

50 books, 50 offers, 25 hours on Thursday November 28 noon GMT

The Book Depository is showcasing one bargain book every thirty minutes, for over 25 hours. There's all sorts of books on offer so if you've got any Christmas shopping left to do (which I'm sure 90% of you do!), now's the time to do it as TBD does take a little while to send things (7-10 days for me) and it's always good to have things arrive before they are needed!

It's also a good chance to grab some books for yourself, because who doesn't need more books! :D

It starts in less than 12 hours (11 to be exact) and runs from 11pm - 12 midnight AEDT, 7am-8am EST, & 12 noon - 1pm GMT! They only have a limited number of copies for the bargain books so you have to be quick! It's toally worth it though, last time they did onw of these sales I go the most gorgeous book by Matteo Pericoli depicting London (a place I've always wanted to go!).

If you don't have a clue what I'm on about, check out the FAQ's here.

And don't forget to tweet: #50BookSale , to see, or show, the awesome offers!

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