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The Order of the Rose by Alysha King Blog Tour - Review + Giveaway

Title: The Order of the Rose

Series: The Rose Chronicles #1

Alysha King

Published: September 2013

Source: E-copy from the author for an honest review

“You possess a power as great as that of the false Empress. You do not understand it yet but you will come to learn its true nature. It is the only match to true evil. You doubt it, but you must embrace it or you will fail.”
When Carey Lee discovers that not only is she a witch but also part of a rebel order, she figures it can’t be any worse than the life from which she just escaped. Little is she prepared though for what lies ahead – an all-powerful empire and a murderous Empress, a seemingly impossible quest to rescue her family, and a power so dark that Carey begins to doubt her very existence.
The Order of the Rose is the first in a series of three novels to be known as the Rose Chronicles.

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My Review

This book was epic, dark, magical fantasy, a kind I really, really like and Alysha has done an amazing job with it! The characters all had their own personalities/traits and were all brilliant to read.

I really love having heros/heroines in books (especially fantasy books) and it makes me even happier when they're part of a small group, friends working together, through thick and thin, to save the day! I really loved the trio in this book, the 'last' of the Order of the Rose, and I thought they all balanced each other out quite nicely.

When I first started reading this book seemed very light, like the evil wasn't so bad and everyone would get over it eventually, but the further into the book I got, the more darkness seemed to appear. This pleased me because I like some darkness between the pages, makes the good feel that much more rewarding.

There were a few moments throughout the book where I thought 'this is absolutely ridiculous, no way would they escape Ms. Evils wrath so easily'. I worried this book was going to be filled with "holes", making the evil witch sound really bad, but actually being a complete pushover. Luckily that was not the case. The characters questioned their easy escapes, worrying over ulterior motives, and there were plenty of juicy, dark motives running rampant through this book!

This book was really great! I loved the idea of the "normal" world and "magical" world and the differences between the two types of people. I was happy the author wasn't afraid to get her hands, well, her characters hands, dirty and though there were a few times when I was a bit confused, my mind soon caught up with it all. I am definitely looking forward to the rest in this series!

4/5 Whales

Author Bio - Alysha King

Alysha King is a 27-year-old author and self-confessed nerd whose greatest loves are her collection of Harry Potter Books (in both English and Japanese), Doctor Who and her Canon EOS 7D camera. For the past decade she has been writing and perfecting her first book, the Order of the Rose, the first in a planned trilogy and a YA fantasy novel. She is also planning and researching for a future YA romance based in Darwin, Australia during WWII.
Alysha lives in Canberra, Australia with her husband, young daughter and a little white cat named Rory.

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