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The Heart-Shaped Emblor by Alaina Ewing Blog Tour - Interview

The Heart-Shaped Emblor by Alaina Ewing
YA Paranormal Romace/Sci-Fi
Published: 11th October 2013

Hidden powers. Otherworldly boyfriends. FORBIDDEN SECRETS.

For Aislinn Moore, attending college at seventeen isn’t a big deal. Not when compared to the difficulties associated with seeing ethereal beings and having prophetic dreams. 

As Aislinn learns to surmount the obstacles of her talents, she awakens something inside herself—an ancient memory, long forgotten. She senses there are reasons for her gifts, but remains unable to understand them.

When Alexander Welch enters her life, she learns of the Ewlishash—the hope bringers—and thinks she may have found her answer. Alexander is sexy, sweet, and his talents are like something straight out of a Sci-Fi flick. Aislinn wonders if she may be like him, but the more she tries to fit his mold, the more her instincts scream that her destiny holds something even greater.

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Interview with Alaina Ewing

Tell us a little about your book, The Heart-Shaped Emblor?
My book is a coming of age story with witches, magical elements, romance, fate, and what ties everything together is string theory. The entire series is centered around overcoming fear by acting with compassion for others, and how that shifts our energy.

You are the Assistant Chair for Cascade Writers. What is Cascade Writers, and how did you get involved?
Cascade Writers is a nonprofit Milford-Style Workshop where you can meet industry professionals, get your work critiqued, and attend pitch sessions with an agent. I got involved after the woman running it at the time approached me at Norwescon. She gave me her card and things went from there. I still go to the event and made great connections by attending. Getting involved with an organization whether locally or not is a great idea.

When you're not writing or plotting stories, what do you like to do?
Draw, dance, make YouTube videos, make dream catchers and jewelry, study science and sacred geometry, I guess you could say I enjoy a lot of things.

Which of your characters has been your favourite to write?
Probably Aislinn because she’s the one I can relate to the most. I’ve struggled with finding my own identity and having the courage to embrace my path.

Do your children like to help you out with your stories?
Not really. They are pretty young still and not that in to what I write about. I have been toying with the idea of writing a middle grade book or series for them, and seeing if I can publish that. But no plans yet.

What is one food you think would be interesting to try?
Escargot. I hear so many people say, “You just have to try it!” So at some point, I must.

What three authors (alive or deceased) would you invite to a dinner party and why?
Henry Kuttner and C. L. Moore who wrote "Mimsy Were the Borogoves" under the pseudonym Lewis Padgett. Their story is probably my favorite piece of fiction out there. I love how it also interlaces with Alice and the looking glass. Gosh, I’d have so many questions as to what inspired them and how they wrote so well together.

Oscar Wilde because of, “The Nightingale and the Rose.” That story stayed with me from the moment I read it, until now. I would just love to sit in his company.

Do you have a favourite place to write?
I don’t have a favorite place, but I do have a favorite time. I like to write at night when people are sleeping and the house is quiet and dark. I think it’s because I can see the imagery in my head clearer, and then write that down. It’s hard for me to visualize settings when it’s light and noisy.

What book(s) are you currently working on and what do you have planned for the future?
I like to have several things going on at once. So I’m working on draft two of The Fractured Emblor (book two in the series), plus a dystopian romance series that I’m sending out queries for right now, and I’m writing a young adult fantasy. So lots of stuff!

Thank you Alaina! I have a bit of a preference for night-time writing too.

Author Bio - Alaina Ewing

Alaina Ewing lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two boys. She holds a degree in Multimedia Production and is the Assistant Chair for Cascade Writers, a nonprofit Milford-style workshop. She also makes jewelry, dream catchers, and enjoys working with herbs and essential oils.

Her first novel, The Heart-Shaped Emblor, releases October 11, 2013 with Evil Girlfriend Media. The novel is the first in the Ewlishash Series. Read more about Alaina at

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