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Weekly Review Round-Up [3]

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Weekly Review Round-up!

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  • 17th December - 31st December

    Reality (The Life of Arie #1) by Dani Hart

    Reality (The Life of Arie, #1)
    A slow start but this book has a nice ethereal feel to it, and the language is lovely. The vivid imagery pulls you into the story but unfortunately I didn't get stuck there and couldn't fully engage with the story. I did enjoy it though I wish I'd felt more involved. (~ FULL REVIEW)

    3.5/5 Whales

    The Marshmallow Hammer Detective Agency: The Mysterious Case of the Golden Egg by Ernie Lindsey

    The Marshmallow Hammer Detective Agency: The Mysterious Case of the Golden Egg
    The characters in this book were a heap of fun, with all their odd, little quirks magnified in the mond of a twelve year old girl (the MC) The mysteries were fun and some really valuable life-lessons were woven very well through the story. A very enjoyable MG novel!  (~ FULL REVIEW)

    4/5 Whales

    Divergent (Divergent #1) by Veronica Roth

    Divergent (Divergent, #1)
    I loved the system/government in this dystopian world and I had great fun watching all the different workings of it. The characters were great too, though I didn't connect as much as I'd hoped. The main thing that let me down with this book was all the hype, I was expecting too much and though I enjoyed the story, I kept wanting it to be more. (~ FULL REVIEW)

    4/5 Whales

    Insurgent (Divergent #2) by Veronica Roth

    Insurgent (Divergent, #2)
    This book is filled with the same emotion and turmoil as its predecessor and though I was a little confused at first I soon fell into the story. Some of the characters changed in ways I didn't like and I still couldn't fully connect with the story, but overall I still enjoyed the story.  (~ FULL REVIEW)

    4/5 Whales

    Pendomus (Pendomus Chronicles #1) by Carissa Andrews

    Pendomus (Pendomus Chronicles, #1)
    I really loved reading about the world they were on (Pendomus) and it's history. Some parts of this story went a little slow plot-wise and I didn't connect with the book/characters as much as I'd have liked but I did enjoy the story and am looking forward to more of the series. (~ FULL REVIEW)

    3.5/5 Whales

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