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The Shining by Stephen King - Review

The Shining (The Shining #1) by Stephen King

The Shining (The Shining, #1)Title: The Shining

Series: The Shining #1

Author: Stephen King

Published: 28th January 1977

Source: From my bookshelf


Danny was only five years old but in the words of old Mr Halloran he was a 'shiner', aglow with psychic voltage. When his father became caretaker of the Overlook Hotel his visions grew frighteningly out of control. 

As winter closed in and blizzards cut them off, the hotel seemed to develop a life of its own. It was meant to be empty, but who was the lady in Room 217, and who were the masked guests going up and down in the elevator? And why did the hedges shaped like animals seem so alive? 

Somewhere, somehow there was an evil force in the hotel - and that too had begun to shine...

My Review

In all honesty The Shining has never been a book that I've ever really been able to get into and until now, one that I've never been able to finish. The first time I picked it up was just after having watched Stanley Kubricks film version of the book and this probably contributed to the fact that I never got past the first couple of chapters.

I personally found the book to be quite slow, especially in the beginning with a fair bit of back story and character development to get through, it's definitely worth reading past this to get to the better, more action filled parts of the book.

This is not a book that I would recommend reading late at night, nor one if you are easily scared, Stephen King really (as usual) manages to write everything down in a vivid, creepy, easy to imagine kind of way, I found that the book really got to me at times.

For fans of the movie it will answer a huge amount of questions and give you a whole new respect for the movie and for Kubricks work.

Certainly not the best of Stephen Kings books, but surely a classic and one that I am glad I picked back up.

4/5 Whales

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  1. There was a Halloween Blog hop a few months ago where several people listed this book as the scariest they ever read but I always thought The Stand was both scarier and better written!