Sunday, 16 March 2014

Release Blitz: All of Me? by K.E. Osborn

All of Me? (Trust Me? Trilogy) by K.E. Osborn
Adult Contemporary Romance
Publliched: 14th March 2014

In the second book of The Trust Me? Trilogy, Jeni Taylor and Aiden O’Connell seemed to find life challenging, but as the third book begins, we are faced with the idea that maybe they may not get their Happily Ever After. Jeni is broken and confused after a vicious physical and emotional attack, leaving her with no energy to fight for her relationship with Aiden. She’s terrified and feels like the world is against her. Through some tough love and help from an old friend Jeni finally realises how deeply in love with Aiden she is. She asks him to take her back, but when she discovers Aiden is moving to help run a new business acquisition in Tokyo, is it too late?

Alistair’s taunts and abuse toward Jeni worsen, leaving her already broken and fragile state to deteriorate even further. Will Jeni find the strength to pull her life back together? With jealousy over a possible new love and with tensions high, the conclusion to The Trust Me? Trilogy will take you on a rollercoaster ride. The electricity and love between Jeni and Aiden is undeniable. Will they see past all the hurdles and find their way to each other? In the end, Jeni will be asking the ultimate question: Does Aiden know that he really does have all of me?

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**These books are for mature audiences 18+. They contain explicit language and sexual content.**

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