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Stacking the Shelves [38]

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Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga's Reviews about sharing the books you've added to your shelves in the past week, may it be physical or virtual. This means you can include books you buy in a physical store or online, books you borrow from friends or the library, review books, gifts and of course ebooks. Click on the book titles to take you to their goodreads page.


Three to Get Deadly (Stephanie Plum, #3)   High Five (Stephanie Plum, #5)   Hard Eight (Stephanie Plum, #8)   To The Nines

Three to Get Deadly (Stephanie Plum #3) by Janet Evanovich (paperback)
High Five (Stephanie Plum #5) by Janet Evanovich (paperback)
Hard Eight (Stephanie Plum #8) by Janet Evanovich (paperback)
To the Nines (Stephanie Plum #9) by Janet Evanovich (paperback)

Ten Big Ones (Stephanie Plum, #10)   Eleven on Top (Stephanie Plum, #11)   Full House (Full Series, #1)

Ten Big Ones (Stephanie Plum #10) by Janet Evanovich (paperback)
Eleven On Top (Stephanie Plum #11) by Janet Evanovich (paperback)
Full House (Full #1) by Janet Evanovich (paperback)

Stormbreaker   Point Blanc (Alex Rider, #2)   Eagle Strike (Alex Rider, #4)

Stormbreaker (Alex Rider #1) by Anthony Horowitz (paperback)
Point Blanc (Alex Rider #2) by Anthony Horowitz (paperback)
Eagle Strike (Alex Rider #4) by Anthony Horowitz (paperback)

The Scorpio Races   City of Secrets (Stravaganza, #4)   Illusions (Wings, #3)

The Scorpio Races by Maggie Stiefvater (hardcover)
City of Secrets (Stravanganza #4) by Mary Hoffman (paperback)
Illusions (Wings #3) by Aprilynne Pike (paperback)

I bought these from varying second-hand shops and all up they cost me less than $25 and they're all in good condition - I love cheap books!

Fangirl    The Forever Song (Blood of Eden, #3)

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell (paperback)
The Forever Song (Blood of Eden #3) by Julie Kagawa (paperback)

I bought these books a few weeks ago but kept forgetting to put up an StS post!



Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell (paperback)

I won this book from an online Girlfriend Magazine comp which I thought was amusing since only a couple of days before I'd bought myself a copy of Fangirl. Oh well, the more the merrier!


 Dangerous Creatures (Dangerous Creatures, #1)

Dangerous Creatures (Dangerous Creatures #1) by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl (paperback, arc)

I was given this ARC copy by Penguin Teen and have just finished the Caster Chronicles/Beautiful Creatures series in preparation for this book - very excited!

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The Dragon’s Egg by H.B. Bolton Blog Tour - Guest Post + Giveaway


The Dragon's Egg (Relics of Mysticus, #3)

The Dragon’s Egg (Relics of Mysticus #3) by H.B. Bolton

Sure, the glass castle floating over Evan’s head makes him uneasy, but that’s the least of his worries. With each step inside the Dungeon of Dreadful Dreams, he must battle against his worst nightmares. One after the other, wispy smoke-filled bull sharks come at him — he must remember they’re only illusions pulled from his imagination by those dreaded shadowlike hands. If only the vengeful dragon circling above was also an illusion and didn’t have his mind set on destroying the one person who can control him: Emrys.

Inside the castle’s glass tower, Emrys sleeps in an eternal slumber, and Evan’s uncertain whether he can save the great wizard. Especially now that Emrys’ former student, the Lady of the Lake, has joined forces with the cunning immortal Alamaz. Together they have already stolen the Dragon’s Egg, but their greed doesn’t end there. The Siren’s Pearl calls to them, and that means only one thing … Atlantis is in trouble.

Join Evan, Claire, and Dunkle — along with a few other unlikely heroes — as they travel across the realm of Medieval Legends, float through the Ancient Isle of Avalon, plunge inside the Dungeon of Dreadful Dreams, and be there when Atlantis rises once again.

Book Links
Goodreads - Book Trailer

  The Serpent's Ring (Relics of Mysticus #1) by H.B. Bolton

The Serpents Ring
Evan and Claire Jones are typical teenagers, forced to go with their parents to yet another boring museum … that is, until something extraordinary happens to make their day a little more than interesting. After following a strange little creature into a closed exhibit, Evan and his older sister, Claire, discover the Serpent’s Ring, one of the magical relics formed from the shattered Mysticus Orb. Purely by accident, they have awakened its powers and opened a portal to Sagaas, land of ancient gods.

Before the siblings can comprehend what has happened, the Serpent’s Ring is wrenched from Evan’s hand by an enormous fish and flown back to Aegir, the Norse god of the sea. Evan and Claire, accompanied by a band of unlikely heroes, must retrieve the Serpent’s Ring before Aegir uses its immense powers to flood all the lands on Earth.

The Trickster's Totem (Relics of Mysticus #2) by H.B. Bolton

Life has returned to normal for fourteen-year-old Evan and his older sister, Claire. That is until Dunkle, a clever but stinky little imp, pays an unexpected visit to their school. He has come to take the siblings back to Sagaas, the mythical realm of the gods. Once again, a Relic from the ancient Mysticus Orb has fallen into the wrong hands. Only Evan and Claire, with their unique mystical abilities, can help find it.

Through the power of the Trickster’s Totem, a coyote trickster has escaped. His laughter echoes throughout the realm, as he spreads mischief and mayhem. He burns an entire crop of popcorn, carves his grinning image into sacred artifacts, and things really get interesting when he shape-shifts into Evan’s friends.

Claire and Evan must capture the Trickster, retrieve the Totem, and be careful not to become sidetracked by robotic Steampunk animals, “sweet” pixie-like Pains, and a problematic mermaid … all while dodging Mothman-like aces. Most surprising, Evan discovers the true reason dragons exist in the Native American Spirit World.

Guest Post by H.B. Bolton

Top Five - Things I Didn’t Know About My Book

One would think that, this being the third book in the series, I would already know everything about my characters. But that isn’t always the case. My characters tend to have minds of their own and like to sneak interesting bits into the story. Sometimes I’m as shocked as anyone else when this happens.

1. At the point when Evan and Claire meet the king of the Fae, Gwyn ap Nudd, I knew relatively little about the Four Treasures of Sovereignty. I later learned these treasures were gifted to the mortal realm from four otherworldly cities and are considered the greatest of Faerie symbols. From the north came the stone of Fal; from the east came the spear of Lugh; from the south came Nuada’s sword; and from the west came the cauldron of plenty and regeneration. As it turned out, Nuada’s sword and the spear of Lugh proved to be the perfect weapons for Evan and Claire to use while in the Dungeon of Dreadful Dreams. You can see these two treasures on the front cover of my book.

2. The original plan was to have Evan, Claire, and Dunkle travel through the Dungeon of Dreadful Dreams on their own; however, Gwyn ap Nudd had something else in mind. He sent an annoying, riddle-talking faerie along to “help” guide them. I came up with his name, Bracken, when I stumbled upon a fairy name generating site:
I entered my name and out popped Bracken Pepperwitch.

3. While in the glass tower, Evan practically stumbles over a glass fox. This fox’s personality showed so brightly that he came to life. I can honestly say that I hadn’t planned to add another character to the story, as well as to the next book. He happens to be the perfect sidekick for Evan and Claire: valiant, brave, loyal, caring, and humorous. He reminds me a little of the courageous mouse, Reepicheep, from The Chronicles of Narnia.

4. As I researched Plato’s vision of Atlantis, I discovered that elephants roamed freely across the island. That struck me as odd, and I knew I had to incorporate it into The Dragon’s Egg. The guardian of the Siren’s Pearl is now a calf-size elephant named Remo. I imagine that he wears a burgundy-colored vest that flaps in the breeze as he stomps across the ground with his mighty — albeit tiny — feet.

5. Most important, albeit covertly, are the many curious facets to Dunkle’s past. Let me just say that families are interwoven in an interesting way, and many secrets come to the surface in this book — a few of which surprised even me.

Illustrations are from The Dragon’s Egg

Author Bio - H.B. Bolton

A magical part of H.B. Bolton’s childhood was being swept into worlds of enchanting characters, fantastical creatures and extraordinary powers—simply by picking up a book. As a mother and a teacher, she was compelled to create imaginary worlds of her own in order to share them, not just with her children, but with all children. H.B. Bolton lives in Florida with her supportive husband and two highly spirited children. Shh, can you keep a secret? Not only does she write books for the young-at-heart, adventurous sort who yearn to dive into a good young-adult fantasy story, she also writes spellbinding, heart pounding women’s fiction. These particular books are written under the name Barbara Brooke, but that’s another story, altogether.

Author Links
Website - Facebook - Twitter - Goodreads - Amazon

Find the rest of the TOUR HERE!


$25 gift card (INT),
Paperback set of the series (US)
2x e-book sets of the series (INT)

-International & US Only
-Ends 13th June 2014

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Book Blast: Vengeance is Mine by Harry James Krebs + Giveaway

Vengeance is Mine (Benjamin Tucker, #1)

Vengeance is Mine (Benjamin Tucker #1) by Harry James Krebs

Driven by a traumatic, violent event in his teenage years, Benjamin Tucker, bestselling true crime author, is obsessed with helping authorities solve savage crimes near his home turf of Holly Springs, North Carolina. When a series of decapitated female victims is found in neighboring communities, he is helplessly drawn in to the investigation to help bring the killer to justice. But in a bizarre twist of events, the psychopathic murderer becomes fascinated with Tucker and stalks him, presenting him with unimaginable, grotesque gifts. The hunt for the killer turns personal and Tucker isn’t sure if he’s become the killer’s idol or his next victim.

Vengeance is Mine, a gripping thriller with a healthy dose of droll humor, is a tale of sadistic revenge guaranteed to keep readers on the edge of their seats until the very last page.

Book Links

Author Bio - Harry James Krebs

Harry James KrebsAfter receiving his BA in applied physics from Aurora University in Illinois, Harry spent thirty-seven years with United States Department of Energy Contractors as a senior mechanical engineer. He designed, built, maintained, and operated large experimental detectors for high-energy physics experiments at national laboratories such as the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, the Superconducting Super Collider, and the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory at Stanford University.

Krebs always wanted to write mystery novels, but his engineering career left him little time to write until now. His first novel, Fractured Persona, is based on a recurring dream where he would wake up in someone else’s body and life.

The author and his wife currently live in Raleigh, North Carolina with their Chihuahua, Lucille.

Book Links


A signed print copy of Fractured Persona & Vengeance is Mine + $20 Amazon Gift Card

-Must be 13+ to enter
-Ends 11th June 2014

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Cover Reveal: Agent M4: Riordan (D.I.R.E. Agency, #4) by Joni Hahn + Giveaway

CoverReveal JH

Agent M4: Riordan (The D.I.R.E. Agency #4) by Joni Hahn
Sci-Fi Romance, Superheroes
Expected Publication: 4th June 2014

• Former D.I.R.E. Enemy Agent
• Mongolian Prison Survivor
• Magnetism

Sent to a Mongolian prison against his will, former enemy agent Riordan St. James is suddenly back in civilization. With his hands crushed, and littered with scars, he trusts no one. When he accepts D.I.R.E.’s prosthetic hands to operate a future, super power enhancement, Riordan knows their offer comes with a price - he just isn’t sure he wants to pay.

After an affair with a client turns deadly, psychologist and senator’s daughter Natalie Meeks, doesn’t trust her own judgment. When she’s hired to help Riordan adjust to civilization again, she finds herself in familiar, forbidden territory – battling a fiery attraction to her client. 

One heated encounter with the elegant Dr. Meeks convinces Riordan to abide by D.I.R.E.’s bargain. However, when new evidence about his disappearance uncovers shocking secrets, he questions not only his decision, but the people around him – including his sexy-as-hell doctor. 

While their lives become more entangled, yet pulled apart, a madman turns up the heat on his plans for Natalie. And the only person she can trust is the one man that doesn’t trust her…

Book Links

Author Bio - Joni Hahn

JoniHahnBy day, Joni Hahn keeps her secret decoder ring hidden while she works as a mild-mannered HR manager and accounting generalist. She believes the world can never have too many superheroes, and anxiously waits for the call when one will need help saving the world… or getting into his costume. Joni was born with a hopelessly tender heart and believes there is nothing more exhilarating than falling in love (Other than the rear shot of Chris Evans in The Avengers - that was pretty darn exhilarating). A native Texan, she thinks cowboys are the epitome of masculinity, and that country music is the other soul music.

Book Links


$25 Amazon Gift Card

-Ends 3rd June 2014

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Book Blitz: 100 Proof Stud by A.J. Lape - Guest Post + Giveaways

100 Proof Stud (The Darcy Walker Series #3)

100 Proof Stud (Darcy Walker Series #3) by A.J. Lape
YA Mystery
13th May 2014

Sometimes life smacks you right in the kisser with a whole lot of ohhhh craaaaap.

Just ask Darcy Walker.

100 Proof Stud picks up four months after No Brainer's cliffhanger ending, and Darcy discovers the aftermath pales in comparison to the crisis her heart is in. All of a sudden it's raining men, and this teenage heroine’s personal life turns her inside out. 

Before she can sort out her feelings, she chases a spray-painting vandal and stumbles upon a case of identity theft right in her own backyard. Darcy jumps into the fray headfirst to prove she can hang with the big boys. 

But it’s not just to hang…nope, she’s chasing reward money.

Tapping her band of misfit brothers for help, she turns Valley upside down trying to unearth the criminals. Problem is, the cloak and dagger goes high-octane, and she raises the bar on “crazy" in the process.

Bullets ring out…dead bodies appear…and Darcy rubs shoulders with the ultimate sociopath. In the midst of murder and mayhem, will she finally follow her heart or build a fortress of lies around it? Will she even get the chance?

Book Links

Guest Post by A.J. Lape

Keeping Young Adult Fiction Clean, but Exciting

Writing YA fiction can be a tricky business. First off, the most exciting characters (if we’re to be real) are the ones that curse like sailors that have a trail of dead bodies, broken hearts, and crappy grades behind them. Are they the best examples for young minds? Um, no, but they are real. And who the heck wants to read perfection anyway? First off, it doesn’t exist, and secondly, it’s hard to relate to perfection. So the trick is, How do you write something that people want to read that doesn’t make mom and dad flip out when they buy it for you? A second thing to consider when writing YA fiction is, How can I pen a book that will appeal to all age groups, ergo, growing my audience?

When I started writing the Darcy Walker Series, I had absolutely zero idea that my books would be published, let alone be a bestseller in its categories. I wrote for me; it was cathartic; and I didn’t have a bloody clue how to get published anyway. That being said, when I wrote, I wrote with abandon. I didn’t try to appeal to a certain crowd. I just wrote about what I knew (insert the “real” comment of earlier). I like people with baggage—so much baggage an elephant could sit on it and still wouldn’t be able to snap that sucker shut. But, I have two daughters—two daughters that I drill into their heads what it means to be a good kid, with good morals, and high standards. I made the conscious decision to not let the profanity fly on every page in my books and coined what I call Darcyspeak. Darcy might have a lot of other quote/unquote sin and mischievous behavior in her life, but her motives are always pure. So hopefully, Mom and Dad, if you are reading this, the Darcy Walker Series will make your kid a go-getter. Someone who doesn’t give up until they make the things that are wrong in the world…right.

The overall theme in the Darcy Walker books is to embrace who you are, own your flaws, and never, ever give up. Life is hard; being a teenager is even harder. And I’ve always cringed when authorities try to put someone’s square-peg mind, through society’s round hole anyway. Be an individualist. And when you can pen a character that lives with abandon, I think that is what helps your series span the age gaps.

Author Bio - A.J. Lape

A.J. LapeA. J. lives in Cincinnati with her husband, two feministic daughters, an ADD dog, a spoiled hamster, and an unapologetic and unrepentant addiction to Coca-Cola. She studied English, Journalism, and Political Science at Morehead State University and left the business world when her daughters were born. Her love for suspense and a good story was born from watching Mystery Science Theater with her sister during childhood. That and any B-movie with comedic undertones they could get their hands on.

From a small town in Kentucky, her sister and she lived in their imaginations on a regular basis, and A.J.'s love for the bizarre and paranormal still holds true to this day. She loves roller coasters, scary movies, and haunted houses and the weird sense of accomplishment it gives her when she can make it through without keeling over.

If Life has taught her anything, it's the need to acquire a wicked sense of humor, come up swinging, and to never, ever give matter what obstacle is in front of you.

When she's not riding that razor-thin line between creativity and insanity, she likes to read, watch too much cable TV, or cheer like a banshee at her daughters' sporting events. 

A. J. loves to connect with fans! You can find her via Twitter and Facebook or send an email.

Author Links

Blitz-Wide Giveaways

2x signed paperbacks of Grace A Stupid (Darcy Walker #1) by A.J. Lape

-US & Canada Only

-Ends 2nd June 2014

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Kindle 6" Wifi

-International as long as Amazon ships to your country

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Tour Finale: The Rose Garden Blog Tour (Miss Armistead Makes Her Choice by Heidi Ashworth) + Giveaway
A themed tour with Prism Book Tours

Welcome to my stop on THE ROSE GARDEN TOUR for
Miss Armistead Makes Her Choice by Heidi Ashworth

Roses in the Miss Delecourt Series

It all begins when the Dowager Duchess of Marcross sends her grandson, Sir Anthony Crenshaw, to accompany her niece, Miss Ginny Delacourt, to their country estate to check on the roses. The Dowager is concerned since her neighbor is keen on stealing cuttings from her spectacular rose garden for Rosehaven, his rose-inspired country home. On the way, they have a carriage accident and are held up by highwaymen but it isn't until they are quarantined at Rosehaven for the pox that Ginny's and Sir Anthony's love begins to bloom.

Thus the series begins...

Launch - Author Interview

What do you hope readers take with them when they read your book?
I hope that they develop a lingering affection for the characters and that they get something more from it than pure entertainment. I hope that my stories illustrate what it means to truly love someone rather than to simply be infatuated or "in lust" and that there is a realization that great relationships require work and sacrifice.

Kelly P's Blog - Excerpt

Colin opened his mouth to reply, but his attention was abruptly born away by the sight of a young maiden's face as it appeared at the door of the carriage.  She was breathtaking, her heart-shaped face possessed of a pair of large, impossibly green eyes set off by arched brows, black as the hair that curled along her temples.

"If you have had your fill," Sir Anthony drawled, "you had best look away.  You are utterly defenseless in the face of such beauty."

Pieces of Whimsy - Author Interview

Tell us a little bit about your book, Miss Armistead Makes Her Choice.

Miss A is a traditional regency romance (i.e. clean and sweet) about a man who is determined to stay away from women for the time being and a woman who is engaged to be married to another. They feel an instant attraction for one another but neither feels themselves free to pursue it. However, they also feel safe to spend time together since it is clear that they can never be anything but friends. As they draw closer to one another, each must learn to trust in spite of betrayals in their past. It is my most romantic story yet!

Brooke Blogs - The Betrothal

A Maid suitable for marriage
The Regency era is known to be one of the most romantic of all time. One reason for this is the manner in which people became betrothed. Though regency romance novels abound with tales of formally arranged marriages, it was not a time period known for an overabundance of rigid strictures. It was this very freedom from constraints that made the regency the romantic period we so love. Though it was not unheard of for a gentleman to approach the father of the maiden he favored to beg his permission prior to offering marriage to the young lady, it was not required or even particularly the norm. And though there were bound to be fathers who were incredibly controlling and who wished to arrange the marriages of their daughters, it was most likely a rare occurrence.

My Ereader and Me - Tens List

1. I have an identical twin.
2. I am one of eight children and the sixth of seven daughters–all from the same two parents.
3. I am obsessed with pink roses...

Coffee Books & Art - Author Interview

Did you do any kind of research to determine the details of your characters lives / lifestyles?

Yes, I had to do research about India since this is where the heroine was born and raised. It was very interesting. Of course I have done quite a bit of research with regard to the regency era from my first book going forward. It is an endless source of fun for me.

I Am A Reader - Characterizations

Though it is tempting to choose from pictures of famous people, I steer away from that. My characters are very real people to me and I simply can't think of them as such if they look and (inevitably) behave like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Once I have decided the color of my characters' eyes and hair, I spend time googling "men with brown hair and gray eyes" or "women with red hair and blue eyes". It is rare that I find a photo of a person that exactly matches up with what I think he or she should look, however, I have had more luck with period paintings. Though a representation of a real person can never look like the people I imagine, I enjoy selecting illustrations of people who come close.

The Wonderings of One Person - Author Interview

What was the inspiration for Miss Armistead Makes Her Choice?

Prism RoseI knew that I wanted my next book to be set in Miss Delacourt’s world. I had just finished writing The Lord Who Sneered and found myself wondering what happened to a gentleman to whom Julian, Lord Trevelin briefly refers. This gentleman had been engaged and found it necessary to break the engagement, something that was rarely done by the male in the regency period. I wondered what happened to him and decided to make him the friend of Sir Anthony (the hero in my first two books) which made it possible to go back to the beginning of our association with Sir Anthony and Miss Delacourt and have some fun with that. The theme of the book, that of how our appearance says nothing about who we are inside, is one that I touched on in The Lord Who Sneered and could not stop thinking about. This theme is pivotal to the plot of Miss Armistead Makes Her Choice.

The Written Adventure - Excerpt

She supposed it was to avoid the debacle of their last waltz that he took such great care to hold her at arm's length. Yet, she wished he would grasp her so tightly that she could not be faulted if she were to rest her cheek against his chest, her head tucked under his chin while he spun them about the room. There was a peace she felt in his arms that was unlike any she felt, even in the embrace of her papa, in whose presence she felt like a child no matter her years. The mere existence of her intended husband served only to remind her that she must lend her strength to others whilst fearful that the strength demanded should run out before it was no longer needed. As she compared one circumstance to another, she was astonished to learn that, in the arms of Mr. Lloyd-Jones, she was exactly enough.

"I love books that transport me back to old English times. Regency romance is one of my favorite genres, especially when an author writes in a way that scenes just come alive in my head. This was a book that filled my head with beautiful visions and played out like a movie...

This was a fun, diverting read. Clean and proper, just like I like them."

Mommynificent - Review

"I absolutely loved this book. It is the perfect novel for any fan of Jane Austen looking for a light-hearted escape and a fun and highly romantic read...

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I would definitely recommend it for any and all Jane Austen lovers, and I highly look forward to reading other books by this author..."

Rose #13

"From the first page of this romance, I was completely smitten. This is a completely clean historical romance, and the story is simple but well-written. Although the ending is assured, the author quite deftly included a bit of tension right before the conclusion. That extra measure alone has made me a super fan of this author! In addition to this, the writing style is quite reminiscent of the classic authors such as the Bronte sisters and Jane Austen. I had to remind myself that this is a book written by a modern author because it is unlike the vast majority of historical romances I have read."

"I really enjoy this time period and the characters in this story are delightful! I love the references to Miss Delacourt...

I loved the mystery and suspense element, which wasn't the main theme. It added a little flair to the ending and was just the right touch to the story."

Laughing With Lizzie - The Regency Era

The regency is a time period full of drama and romance. Very much like the second decade of the 1900′s in America (think flappers and prohibition) its fashions, culture and sensibilities were vastly different from those just prior and just after. It was a period of transition in England, the only country which experienced “the regency” (this same time period is referred to as the “empire” period in France and was the tail end of the “colonial” era in America) and had its own fashions, (ankle-length muslin dresses were worn primarily during this time) language terms (what was known as a reticule in the regency was a pocketbook, bag or purse shortly thereafter) and what we would call fads (the rage for all things classical Greek in dress and furniture comes to mind).

What is your favorite flower?

This is also one of those exceptions: roses (though I really love tulips, daffodils, impatiens...sigh, there are so many gorgeous flowers!) But roses are, hands down, my favorite. Yes.

Bookworm Lisa - Review

"The book explores a myriad of emotions. There is love, betrayal, guilt, jealousy, compassion, kindness, etc. Each emotion is portrayed well. I felt empathy for the character's in their trials. I felt that the time period was well portrayed. The characters were well developed and believable.

This is a great book to read in the summer. It is light and engaging."

Mel's Shelves - Review

"I was sure the ending would be happy but it almost seemed like an impossible situation. How would loyal, determined Elizabeth get out of an engagement to a blind man? There are some twists and turns and I had to keep reading to find out what was going to happen next. The entire book was enjoyable and what I love the most is that it's 100% clean!!

This is the first book I've read in the Miss Delacourt series, and even though it's #6, I didn't feel lost at all. I'm sure there are some references and characters that I didn't quite understand so it would be fun to read again after I've read the other ones!"

"Mr. Lloyd-Jones, I must beg you to stop!"

"Why?" he asked as he tossed the hat to the ground and took her hands in his. "Are my attentions so unwelcome?"

"No!" she said so quickly that he felt he had reason to hope. "That is to say, there is naught in your manner or your character that I find in the least unwelcome. If I were but free," she said, shaking her head, her eyes wet with tears, "but it is of no use. I have made my choice and I must abide by it."

Miss Armistead Makes Her Choice (Miss Delacourt #6) by Heidi Ashworth
Adult Historical Romance
Ebook, 274 pages
Published: 24th April 2014 by Dunhaven Place Publishing

Mr. Colin Lloyd-Jones and his friend, Sir Anthony Crenshaw, make a pact to avoid the fair sex during the course of an entire season in order to nurse their wounded hearts. As they shake hands on it, they have no idea that one would soon be off on a trip to escort a young lady to the country and the other soon to fall head over heels in love with Miss Elizabeth Armistead. Sadly, Miss Armistead is only interested in those she trusts not to become so besotted with her beauty that they cannot see her true self. Prior to meeting Colin, she had only met one man fitting that description and she has promised to be his bride. However, Mr. Cruikshank is not due to arrive in London for a full month. Can Colin convince Miss Armistead that he loves her for more than her beauty before her betrothed's ship arrives on British shores?

Book Links

Author Bio - Heidi Ashworth

Heidi Ashworth, author of the popular Miss Delacourt series, including the award-winning Miss Delacourt Has Her Day, is a busy wife and mother who's grateful for a bit of peace and quiet in which to write. An unapologetic anglophile, she is determined to return to England to see the home of Jane Austen, a landmark she missed during her first trip across the pond, though she knows Lord Byron's house to be a suitable substitute. She's smitten with books, chocolate, and roses, not necessarily in that order, and is never averse to a round of Guitar Hero.

Author Links

Tour-Wide Giveaway

$50 Amazon gift card and paperback copy of Miss Armistead Makes Her Choice (US Only)
3 e-copies of Miss Armistead Makes Her Choice (Open INT to these countries: US, England, Canada, Belguim, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, Poland, Italy, France, Japan, and Australia)

-Ends 2nd June 2014

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