Saturday, 3 May 2014

Stacking the Shelves [37]

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Stacking the Shelves is a weekly meme hosted by Tynga's Reviews about sharing the books you've added to your shelves in the past week, may it be physical or virtual. This means you can include books you buy in a physical store or online, books you borrow from friends or the library, review books, gifts and of course ebooks. Click on the book titles to take you to their goodreads page.

I have been neglecting my poor weekly memes of late but I'm hoping to start them up again soon! Since my last StS post was mid-March I have a lot of new books to share with you, I've had a very exciting, book-filled past few weeks!


Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life (Midde School, #1)   Middle School: Get Me Out of Here!  (Middle School, #2)

Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life (Middle School #1) by James Patterson (paperback) - Free when purchasing Middle School #2!
Middle School: Get Me Out of Here! (Middle School #2) by James Patterson (paperback)

I bought Get Me Out of Here! from Bookworld for $10ish as part of a promo where buying a Middle School book enters you into a comp where you can win a holiday, PLUS!, if you bought book #2, #3, or #4 you received a free copy of book #1! I'd call that a win-win-win!

World After (Penryn & the End of Days, #2)

World After (Penryn & the End of Days #2) by Susan Ee (paperback)

I bought this from TBD when I was ordering stuff for my Nan because, well, I couldn't resist!

A Song of Ice and Fire 7 Book Set  by George R.R. Marton (paperback boxed set)

I bought this set from Bookworld during a sale for only $45! I was, and still am, super excited about this, iy is absolutely gorgeous!


Above   The Word Exchange   Moth and Spark   If You Were Me

Above by Isla Morley (paperback, arc) - My copy has a different cover which I am assuming is the arc cover. :)
The Word Exchange by Alena Graedon (paperback, arc)
Moth and Spark by Anne Leonard (paperback, arc)
If You Were Me by Sheila O'Flanagan (paperback, arc)

I won all these fabulous ARCs from Hachette Australia!

The Queen's Choice (Heirs of Chrior, #1)   Grim   Heartbeat   Captivate (Submerged Sun, #1)

The Queen's Choice (Heirs of Chrior #1) by Cayla Kluver (paperback)
Grim (paperback) - Short stories from multiple authors
Heartbeat by Elizabeth Scott (paperback)
Captivate (Submerged Sun #1) by Vanessa Garden (paperback)

Enmity   Anything To Have You   The Finisher

Enmity (Enmity #1) by E.J. Andrews (paperback)
Anything to Have You by Paige Harbison (paperback)
The Finisher by David Baldacci (paperback)

I won most of these from Girlfriend Magazine + Harlequin Teen in a short story competition (I was a runner-up but I still won!). I won The Finisher from Girlfriend Magazine.

Tiger Lily

Tiger Lily by Jodi Lynn Anderson (paperback)

I won this from Date A Book. :)

The Forgotten Ones (The Danaan Trilogy, #1)   Stone of Destiny (The Danaan Trilogy, #2)

The Forgotten Ones (The Danaan Trilogy #1) by Laura Howard (e-book)
Stone of Destiny (The Danaan Trilogy #2) by Laura Howard (e-book)

I won these from Laura Howard during her recent Facebook event.

The Secret Diamond Sisters   My Not So Super Sweet Life (My Super Sweet Sixteenth Century, #3)   Make it Count (Bowler University, #1)

The Secret Diamond Sisters (The Secret Diamond Sisters #1) by Michelle Madow (e-book)
My Not So Super Sweet Life (MSSSC #3) by Rachel Harris (e-book)
Make It Count (Bowler University #1) by Rachel Harris (e-book) - The book doesn't come out until June so I shall receive my copy then!

I won TSDS and MNSSSL from Michelle Madow, and Make It Count from Megan Erickson at Rachel Harris' MNSSSL Facebook party!


  1. Wow. That's a really impressive haul! I really want to read Grim. It definitely looks like my sort of book!

  2. Ohhh look at all those pretty books, congrats on winning. I'm reading GRIM at the moment, I hope you like it.

  3. Wow, good haul! I hope you enjoy them all.

    My StS.

  4. I absolutely love Tiger Lily!! GAH. ALL THE LOVE THERE. And I nearly bought world after and then skipped at the last minute. I'm still tempted, though. I have this sudden hankering to find out what happened. ;) Especially with that killer CLIFF HANGER at the end of book #1. XD
    My StS!

  5. Great haul - I've been wanting to read Tiger Lily for such a long time.
    The Game of Thrones set is super cool - I've seen it around in bookstores around here as well :)
    Happy reading and have a good weekend!

  6. You have some great books here! I loved Angelfall and World After...happy reading :) Great haul! Here is my shelf

  7. I tried "Game of Thrones". I really did. Not my cup of tea but I totally understand all the excitement. Happy reading!

    Tsuki’s STS

  8. That's awesome that you won all those ARCs from the publisher. I rarely win things!
    Make it Count sounds like a really cute read that I would enjoy reading!
    Have fun with all these awesome books! :)

    Nick - My Haul

  9. Awesome haul this week, especially with all those ones you won!!! Here's my STS.

  10. I'm so jealous of My Not So Super Sweet Life! I've wanted to read that since forever! I want to read Game of Thrones too, but I don't know if I'm capable of it or not. Awesome haul! :)
    Stacking the Shelves
    Dress Up That Cover - Doll Bones by Holly Black

  11. Damn, look at all those awesome wins! So many good ones, especially Heartbeat- I know some people had issues with it, but I really did enjoy it. Happy reading!

    Here's mine

    Kirsty @ StudioReads

  12. Wow, congrats on all those wins. I really need to start reading Game of Thrones. I didn't care much for Heartbeat but I have Grim and I can't wait to read it. Enjoy them all :) My STS