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Book Blast: Primordial Dust by Sarah Daltry + Giveaway

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Primordila Dust

Primordial Dust by Sarah Daltry
Published: June 2014

A princess, trained to behave. An assassin, betrothed to her. A thief, whose eyes she dreams of at night. A kingdom at war, torn apart by the suppression of magic and truth, as well as family secrets that threaten to destroy decades of peace.

Questions of loyalty, of morality, and of free will culminate in a fantasy novel about forging one’s own path and choosing one’s own destiny.

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Author Bio - Sarah Daltry

Sarah Daltry writes about the regular people who populate our lives. She’s written works in various genres – romance, erotica, fantasy, horror. Genre isn’t as important as telling a story about people and how their lives unfold. Sarah tends to focus on YA/NA characters but she’s been known to shake it up. Most of her stories are about relationships – romantic, familial, friendly – because love and empathy are the foundation of life. It doesn’t matter if the story is set in contemporary NY, historical Britain, or a fantasy world in the future – human beings are most interesting in the ways they interact with others. This is the principle behind all of Sarah’s stories.

Sarah has spent most of her life in school, from her BA and MA in English and writing to teaching both at the high school and college level. She also loves studying art history and really anything because learning is fun.

When Sarah isn’t writing, she tends to waste a lot of time checking Facebook for pictures of cats, shooting virtual zombies, and simply staring out the window.

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A $10 Amazon Gift Card + swag pack from Sarah Daltry
A swag pack from Sarah Daltry
3x e-copies of Primordial Dust by Sarah Daltry

-Must be 13+ to enter
-Ends 12th July 2014

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Book Blitz: The Camelot Code by Mari Mancusi + Giveaway

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The Camelot Code

The Camelot Code by Mari Mancusi
YA Fantasy, Retelling
Published: 16th April 2014 by NLA Digital LLC

All fourteen-year-old gamer girl Sophie Sawyer wants to do is defeat Morgan Le Fay in her favorite Arthurian videogame. She has no idea the secret code sent via text message is actually a magical spell that will send her back in time to meet up with a real life King Arthur instead. 

Of course Arthur's not king yet--he hasn't pulled the sword from the stone--and he has no idea of his illustrious destiny. And when a twist of fate sends him forward in time--to modern day high school--history is suddenly in jeopardy. Even more so when Arthur Googles himself and realizes what lies in store for him if he returns to his own time--and decides he'd rather try out for the football team instead. 

Now Sophie and her best friend Stuart find themselves in a race against time--forced to use their 21st century wits to keep history on track, battle a real-life version of their favorite videogame villain, and get the once and future king back where he belongs. Or the world, as they know it, may no longer exist.

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Author Bio - Mari Mancusi

Mari MancusiMari Mancusi always wanted a dragon as a pet. Unfortunately the fire insurance premiums proved a bit too large and her house a bit too small–so she chose to write about them instead. Today she works as an award-winning young adult author and freelance television producer, for which she has won two Emmys.
When not writing about fanciful creatures of myth and legend, Mari enjoys goth clubbing, cosplay, snowboarding, watching cheesy (and scary) horror movies, and her favorite guilty pleasure—playing videogames. A graduate of Boston University, she lives in Austin, Texas with her husband Jacob, daughter Avalon, and their dog Mesquite.
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Camelot Code Giveaway

Arthurian charm bracelet

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Pride Week Book Blitz

Stranger on the Shore by Josh Lanyon
Adult Romance
Published: 5th May 2014 

Twenty years ago young Brian Arlington, heir to Arlington fortune, was kidnapped. Though the ransom was paid, the boy was never seen again and is presumed dead. 

Pierce Mather, the family lawyer, now administers and controls the Arlington billions. 

He’s none too happy, and more than a little suspicious, when investigative journalist Griffin Hadley shows up to write about the decades-old mystery. 

Griff shrugs off the coldly handsome Pierce’s objections, but it might not be so easy to shrug off the objections of someone willing to do anything to keep the past buried.

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Amazon - Barnes & Noble

Maybe This Time by A.M. Arthur
Adult Romance
Expected Publication: 21st July 2014

As a regular at gay hotspot Pot O Gold, Ezra Kelley avoids his tangled emotions with the simplicity of one-night stands and attachment-free hookups. Until the night bartender Donner Davis picks him up off the floor after a misunderstanding and too much tequila. Ezra can’t remember the last time someone was…nice. It’s more than he deserves.

Witnessing his lover’s death two years ago has Donner trapped in a holding pattern: living in his sister’s basement, working at the Pot and flirting with the customers. He’s not above spending a night with the gorgeous Ezra, but love is not in the cards. That’s more than he’s ready for.

A passionate night leads to a connection neither man expects, and they take the first steps to something that looks like a real relationship. But Ezra’s been running from himself so long he doesn’t know how to live any other way. And Donner can’t risk his heart just to lose everything again. They’ll both need the strength to let go of the past if they want to get it right this time. 

Book Links
Amazon - Barnes & Noble

The Lost Year (Secrets of Neverwood #3) by Libby Drew
Adult Romance
Published: 30th June 2014

Devon McCade is no stranger to adversity. As a photojournalist, he’s seen all manner of human struggle. And as a kid, it’s what brought him to Neverwood, to his foster mother Audrey. It’s what he’s facing now, as he and his foster brothers work to restore the once-stately mansion amidst surprising signs from Audrey herself.

But when another anguished soul arrives at Neverwood, Devon can’t hide behind his camera. Nicholas Hardy is certain he saw his runaway son, Robbie, in a photo Devon took of homeless children. Devon knows all too well that a young teenager on the streets doesn’t have many options—and Robbie has been missing for a full year.

Searching for Robbie with Nicholas stirs memories and passions Devon had thought long lost, yet knowing that Nicholas will leave as soon as Robbie is found keeps him from opening himself up to something permanent. Devon must learn to fight for what he wants to keep—his love, and his home. 

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Sharp Love (Gambling on Love #2) by Ava March
Adult Romance
Published: 9th June 2014 

London, 1822 

William Drake has lived among thieves, bastards and beggars all his life, doing what’s necessary to survive. As a young orphan, that included looking after his best friend, Jack Morgan. But as they grew older, Jack took the honest path, leaving Will behind to fend for himself the only ways he knows how.

When an unsavory errand for his employer brings Jack back to London’s underbelly, he needs Will’s help. It’s there, among the alleys they ran through as children, that the love he’s always felt for Will returns. As their nights together grow hotter, Will discovers something new about his old friend—Jack’s need to serve extends into the bedchamber.

Will has never fully abandoned his dream of escaping London with Jack. But what could the Duke’s driver want with a dishonest cheat like him, beyond a bit of rough sex? It takes the gamble of Will’s life to find out if he can win Jack’s heart… 

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Amazon - Barnes & Noble

Author Bio - Josh Lanyon

Bestselling, multi-award-winning JOSH LANYON is the author of over fifty titles of mystery, adventure, fantasy and romance. Josh is the author of the critically acclaimed Adrien English Mysteries series, including The Hell You Say, winner of the 2006 USABookNews awards for GLBT Fiction. Josh is an Eppie Award winner and a three-time Lambda Literary Award finalist. When not writing Josh enjoys gardening, film noir, fine wine, vintage mysteries, and night swimming.

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Author Bio - A.M. Arthur

A.M. Arthur was born and raised in the same kind of small town that she likes to write about, a stone's throw from both beach resorts and generational farmland. She's been creating stories in her head since she was a child and scribbling them down nearly as long, in a losing battle to make the fictional voices stop. She credits an early fascination with male friendships (bromance hadn't been coined yet back then) and "The Young Riders" with her later discovery of and subsequent love affair with m/m romance stories.

When not exorcising the voices in her head, she toils away in a retail job that tests her patience and gives her lots of story fodder. She can also be found in her kitchen, pretending she's an amateur chef and trying to not poison herself or others with her cuisine experiments. Contact her at with your cooking tips (or book comments). You can also find her online. Other titles by A.M. Arthur are available from Samhain Publishing, Dreamspinner Press, and Musa Publishing.

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Author Bio -Libby Drew

Libby glimpsed her true calling when her first story, an A.A. Milne /Shakespeare crossover, won the grand prize in her elementary school's fiction contest. Her parents explained that writers were quirky, poor, and often talked to themselves in supermarket checkout lines. They implored her to be practical, a request she took to heart for twenty years, earning two degrees, a white-collar job, and an ulcer, before realizing that practical was absolutely no fun.

Today she lives with her husband and four children in an old, impractical house and writes stories about redemption, the supernatural, and love at first sight, all of which do exist. She happens to know from experience.

Libby’s State of Mind received rave reviews for being fast, clever, and relentless and was nominated for a Bookie Award for Best M/M Novel of 2011. 40 Souls to Keep, Libby’s third novel, has been described as intense and heart-poundingly good and was praised by Publishers Weekly for maintaining a high level of suspense.

An avid supporter of gay rights, Libby donates her time to the Trevor Project and organizations that work to support marriage equality.

More information about Libby’s books can be found on her website.

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Author Bio - Ava March

Ava March is an author of sexy, emotionally intense M/M historical erotic romances. She loves writing in the Regency time period, where proper decorum is of the utmost importance, but where anything can happen behind closed doors. With over fifteen works to her credit, her books have been finalists in the Rainbow Awards and More Than Magic contest, and deemed ‘must-haves’ for Historical M/M romance by RT Book Reviews readers. Visit her website at to find out more about her books or to sign-up for her newsletter.

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#scandal by Sarah Ockler Blog Tour - Tens List + Giveaway

#scandal by Sarah Ockler

Lucy’s learned some important lessons from tabloid darling Jayla Heart’s all-too-public blunders: Avoid the spotlight, don’t feed the Internet trolls, and keep your secrets secret. The policy has served Lucy well all through high school, so when her best friend Ellie gets sick before prom and begs her to step in as Cole’s date, she accepts with a smile, silencing about ten different reservations. Like the one where she’d rather stay home shredding online zombies. And the one where she hates playing dress-up. And especially the one where she’s been secretly in love with Cole since the dawn of time.

When Cole surprises her at the after party with a kiss under the stars, it’s everything Lucy has ever dreamed of… and the biggest BFF deal-breaker ever. Despite Cole’s lingering sweetness, Lucy knows they’ll have to ’fess up to Ellie. But before they get the chance, Lucy’s own Facebook profile mysteriously explodes with compromising pics of her and Cole, along with tons of other students’ party indiscretions. Tagged. Liked. And furiously viral.

By Monday morning, Lucy’s been branded a slut, a backstabber, and a narc, mired in a tabloid-worthy scandal just weeks before graduation.

Lucy’s been battling undead masses online long enough to know there’s only one way to survive a disaster of this magnitude: Stand up and fight. Game plan? Uncover and expose the Facebook hacker, win back her best friend’s trust, and graduate with a clean slate.

There’s just one snag—Cole. Turns out Lucy’s not the only one who’s been harboring unrequited love…

Book Links
Amazon - Barnes & Noble - Book Depository

Tens List by Sarah Ockler

Top Ten Contemporary YA Books

1. In Honor by Jessi Kirby

2. The Six Rules of Maybe by Deb Caletti

3. The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie

4. The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks by E. Lockhart

5. The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen

6. Sex & Violence by Carrie Mesrobian

7. Cracked Up to Be by Courtney Summers

8. Sorta Like A Rock Star by Matthew Quick

9. How to Save a Life by Sara Zarr

10. Jellicoe Road by Melina Marchetta

Author Bio - Sarah Ockler

Sarah Ockler, AuthorSarah Ockler is the bestselling author of several books for teens: The Book of Broken Hearts, Bittersweet, Twenty Boy Summer, Fixing Delilah, and the upcoming #scandal. Her books have received numerous accolades, including ALA’s Best Fiction for Young Adults, Girls’ Life Top 100 Must Reads, Indie Next List, Amazon Top Movers and Shakers, and nominations for YALSA Teens’ Top Ten and NPR’s Top 100 Teen Books.

She’s a champion cupcake eater, coffee drinker, tarot enthusiast, night person, and bookworm. When she’s not writing or reading at home in Colorado, Sarah enjoys hugging trees and road-tripping through the country with her husband, Alex. In addition to her website at, fans can find her on Twitter, Tumblr, and Facebook.

Author Links
Website - Goodreads - Twitter - Facebook

Find the rest of the TOUR HERE!


-Must be 13+ to enter
-Ends 2nd July 2014

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Book Blitz: Blood Reign by Tamara Rose Blodgett - Quote + Giveaway

Blood Reign (Blood, #4)

Blood Reign (Blood #4) by Tamara Rose Blodgett
NA Paranormal
Published: 27th June 2014

Julia’s sworn enemies are safely sequestered in a prison of the fey and her forever mate has been chosen. Not by blood, but by a circumstance shaped from coincidence. However, it’s not enough to save Julia and the others who came from Alaska their fate by the hand of the Alaska den, whose reacquisition has come alarmingly full-circle to capture them.

Tharell of the fey aligns with the Singers, Were and remaining vampire to take back the one Queen who could stop the interspecies wars and establish a truce of genetics that would free all the groups from extinction and conflict.

Can they rescue Julia and her allies before it’s too late? Will the Red Were’s lineage prove to be the catalyst of victory against a corrupt pack that’s grown too debauched by greed and power to be overcome?

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Teaser Quote

"... Jason caught Julia as she wailed against his shoulder.

The sound lifted the heads of wildlife caught in the melody of her sorrow. A chorus of absolution, grief and determination buried in a song even the lowest of the creatures heard and took note of...."

Author Bio - Tamara Rose Blodgett

Tamara Rose BlodgettTamara Rose Blodgett, is the NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestselling author of A Terrible Love; written under her pen name Marata Eros. Tamara has more than thirty-five titles in multiple genres including Dark Fantasy, Dark Romance and Dark Erotica.

Tamara lives in South Dakota with her husband, children and fur kids (dogs). She is an ardent reader of many genres. Tamara enjoys interacting with her readers via Twitter, blog and newsletter as often as possible. Please stop by either one and say hi :)

Never miss a SPAM FREE new release, update or exclusive excerpt!

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Blitz-Wide Giveaway

5x e-copies of Blood Reign  by Tamara Rose

-Ends 1st July 2014

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Agent M4: Riordan by Joni Hahn Blog Tour - Excerpt + Guest Post + Giveaway


Agent M4: Riordan (The D.I.R.E. Agency #4) by Joni Hahn
Sci-Fi Romance, Superheroes
Published: 4th June 2014

• Former D.I.R.E. Enemy Agent
• Mongolian Prison Survivor
• Magnetism

Sent to a Mongolian prison against his will, former enemy agent Riordan St. James is suddenly back in civilization. With his hands crushed, and littered with scars, he trusts no one. When he accepts D.I.R.E.’s prosthetic hands to operate a future, super power enhancement, Riordan knows their offer comes with a price - he just isn’t sure he wants to pay.

After an affair with a client turns deadly, psychologist and senator’s daughter Natalie Meeks, doesn’t trust her own judgment. When she’s hired to help Riordan adjust to civilization again, she finds herself in familiar, forbidden territory – battling a fiery attraction to her client. 

One heated encounter with the elegant Dr. Meeks convinces Riordan to abide by D.I.R.E.’s bargain. However, when new evidence about his disappearance uncovers shocking secrets, he questions not only his decision, but the people around him – including his sexy-as-hell doctor. 

While their lives become more entangled, yet pulled apart, a madman turns up the heat on his plans for Natalie. And the only person she can trust is the one man that doesn’t trust her…

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If men were like ice cream, Riordan St. James would be rocky road.

Tilting her head, Natalie Meeks studied the new D.I.R.E. agent through the one-way glass. He was one major hottie and, like ice cream, the last thing she needed on her hips.But, a girl could dream.Golden, sun-streaked hair lay in sweat-soaked tufts against the wide horizon of his shoulders.  His pale blue eyes were barricaded and hard, a narrow beard lining his tight jaw.  Glistening, tanned skin, mapped with scars, covered a torso of concrete-like muscle, his back a crossroads of whip marks.

Hanging on a pull-up bar several yards from the other agents, Riordan appeared to be a loner, on the opposite side of a bridge from human contact and relationships.  His perpetual scowl screamed back off, his tense shoulders poised for attack.  All he needed was a do not enter sign stamped on his forehead to make it official.

It must be her lucky day.  She had to figure out how to get past the human obstacle course and get inside.

“So, are you ready to meet him, Doctor?”

No, she wasn’t ready to meet Riordan St. James.  As a matter of fact, she really wanted to leave.  Once upon a time, she’d considered herself qualified to diagnose and treat people with emotional conditions.  Now, she didn’t trust her own judgment on what deodorant to use.

“As I told you on the phone, Mitchell, I really don’t feel skilled–“

“Save it.”  Mitchell sliced a hand through the air, his brows furrowed.  “What happened with Paul Warner was one hundred percent his fault, Natalie.  He knew what he was doing.”

That made it even worse.  As his psychologist, she should’ve seen it coming.  She could’ve prevented it.

Mitchell Jacobs wouldn’t understand that.  Paul would’ve been just another casualty in his book. In hers, a possible love turned tragic regret.

Crossing her arms over her middle, she sighed. “He won’t be pleased to meet me.”

Mitchell chuckled with a shake of his head.  “No, he won’t.  I’ll bet a bottle of Glenfiddich 1937 Scotch he’ll be royally pissed.”

Oh… yay.

Riordan climbed onto a treadmill farther across the room.  He pressed a couple of buttons and started to jog.

“So, what do you want from me, Mitchell?  A clinical diagnosis?”

“I want you to get him ready for the field.  I think he lacks confidence.  Right now, he thinks he’s ready – I say, he’s not.”

Natalie frowned as she played with her pearl earring.  That meant working with him beyond today.  What did she have to do to make Mitchell realize her qualifications disqualified her for the job?

Riordan St. James was different from any patient she’d ever counseled.  He had a raw, barbaric edge about him, reminding her of a street fighter.  He played by his own rules, wore attitude like a badge and defense like a shield.

She worked with the upper echelon of society.  People that enjoyed telling her their troubles, people that looked for easy prescription drugs and found her unyielding.  Many of her clients worked with her father in the Senate, or lived in upscale San Diego.

Her patients liked her.  Listening rather than talking had been a trait from birth, her desire to help others deep and ingrained.

Riordan St. James didn’t strike her as a talker or someone that wanted help.

He pushed himself harder and faster than any of the other agents in the room.  Sweat ran from his brow, the waistband of his shorts soaked through.

“When do you need him?”

“Yesterday.”  Mitchell sighed as he turned to face her.  “I took a gamble with St. James, Natalie.  When he came in, he was in bad shape.  Among his injuries, his hands had been broken and crushed.  Deformed, for lack of a better word.”

Her gaze shot to the man on the treadmill.  Though several feet away, he appeared exceptionally… fit, his hands normal.  However, the scars littering his body backed up Mitchell’s story.

“Using a device similar to a 3D printer, we mapped out the previous bone structure of his hands and created replicas made with neodymium, iron and boron.”

Stilling, she held out a hand to halt his speech.  “Wait.  Are you telling me he has magnetic bones in his hands?”

Nodding, Mitchell said, “Yes, but the attraction is minor at this point.”

Slack-jawed, she could do nothing but stare.  Had she just stepped into Frankenstein’s laboratory?  “Why?  Why not give him normal prosthetics?”

Leaning a shoulder against the wall, Mitchell shoved his hands in his pockets.  “Have you heard of Robert Naylor?”

The infamous crime boss.  Natalie doubted there were many people that hadn’t heard of him.  “Yes.”

“St. James was one of Naylor’s best agents.  The man has talents I can use.  My plan is to give Riordan the ability to attract and repel objects with his magnetic hands.  He has the groundwork now.  Once I know I can depend on him, I’ll install the rest of his system.”

Shaking her head, Natalie couldn’t believe what she’d heard.  “You’re going to make him some kind of… superhero?”

Mitchell gave a lopsided grin.  “You could call him that.”

Logic warred with astonishment in her head.  “That kind of thing is impossible… isn’t it?”

His arrogant smirk almost seemed patronizing.  “I assure you, it’s quite possible.  I already have a team of agents with super powers.  My son, Tristan, among them.”

What had she gotten herself into?  D.I.R.E. made scientific enhancements to human beings.  Her father had used D.I.R.E. in the past.  Did he know about this?

She pointed at Riordan through the glass.  “He agreed to this… enhancement?”

Mitchell nodded before glancing at Riordan.  “Make no mistake, Natalie.  He trusts no one.  And, he has good reason for feeling that way, too.  St. James knew if he didn’t take my offer of new hands, he’d live handicapped the rest of his life.  The magnetic bones were a quick, permanent fix - for him and our team.”  His voice lowered.  “He needs to trust again.  He can trust D.I.R.E.”

The sun-god dropped to the floor and did push-ups.  This was just so wrong.  Wasn’t it?  Messing with the human body?  Playing God?

Then again, the idea of following someone going through the process, and tracking his subsequent work, fascinated her.  It would take her work to a level she’d never imagined.

You can’t even diagnose normal humans.  You want to diagnose superheroes?

“He’s been working his ass off, trying to get back in shape,” Mitchell said.  “He’s made remarkable progress.  If anything, he’s determined to defeat not only bad guys but his own demons.”

Riordan switched to one-handed push-ups without skipping a beat.  He had demons, no question.  They stood on the opposite side of that bridge he’d erected.  She just wasn’t sure if the bridge was intended to keep them at bay or to rush them head on when he felt ready.

Then again, she had her own demons to slay.  Helping Mitchell and Riordan St. James would keep them front and center.  What if she failed them both?

Mitchell said, “I need good agents, stat.  And, when I get St. James up and running, my gut tells me he’s going to be one bad ass superhero.”

Guest Post by Joni Hahn

Scars and Souvenirs – Riordan’s Journey

I can’t imagine trying to write a rough draft without music. Then again, I can’t imagine trying to live without music, period. On most days, music is with me every waking hour. My family knows they can’t go wrong with an ITunes gift card.

When I sat down to write Agent M4: Riordan, Book 4 in The D.I.R.E. Agency Series, I had no specific music in mind. However, I did want to finally check out ITunes Radio. I’d been putting it off, but a new book seemed like a great opportunity to delve into it.

I set my first two stations - Daughtry and Jason Aldean. Jason didn’t suit Riordan (He’s saved for my hero in Book 5) so I turned on Daughtry – and found a wealth of new music! Score.

Having grown up in the age of rock music, I’m a fan of classic rock. And with the Daughtry station, I found so many bands I hadn’t heard before: Theory of a Deadman, Three Days Grace, Cavo, Art of Dying, Saving Abel, Default, Lifehouse – just to name a few (okay, several). I was in hog heaven.

However, it was Theory of a Deadman’s album, Scars and Souvenirs that seemed to resonate with me - or rather, with Riordan.

There’s a lot of anger and bitterness in the lyrics, the music itself angry in parts. It suited Riordan so well that sometimes, it seemed to mold him before my eyes. There are also very poignant lyrics that are so REAL they’re hard to ignore. So, I didn’t.

In Agent M4: Riordan, Riordan returns to civilization scarred, both inside and out. He trusts no one – and neither does the protagonist in many of Theory of a Deadman’s songs. They’ve both been betrayed and hurt, and they’re fed up. This album suited so well, it’s almost scary. The two are a match made in music.

Author Bio - Joni Hahn

JoniHahnBy day, Joni Hahn keeps her secret decoder ring hidden while she works as a mild-mannered HR manager and accounting generalist. She believes the world can never have too many superheroes, and anxiously waits for the call when one will need help saving the world… or getting into his costume. Joni was born with a hopelessly tender heart and believes there is nothing more exhilarating than falling in love (Other than the rear shot of Chris Evans in The Avengers - that was pretty darn exhilarating). A native Texan, she thinks cowboys are the epitome of masculinity, and that country music is the other soul music.

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An e-copy of Agent M4: Riordan by Joni Hahn (epub or mobi)

-Ends 25th July 2014

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A Kindle Fire

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