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Pieces of Whimsy is run by me, Myra, though I am occassionally being helped out by my awesome boyfirend Jared. He has been an amazing supporter of the blog, being with me all the way and now he has offered to write occasional review and other posts, though with work taking up so much of his time, his posts can only be very occasional, though he still gets his own shiny bio here!


Hey all! My name is Myra and I'm a book-lovin', book-readin' kinda gal. I have always loved to read and in 2012 I discovered the world of book blogging and then a few moths later I decided to become a part of it! I live in Tasmania (that's the little blip at the bottom of Australia) and I love it.

Apart from reading I mainly like to write so starting this blog has been very helpful with that. It's also a great way to meet new people and express my view/opinions. So far I'm having amazing fun and am really looking forward to seeing where this goes!


My amazing boyfriend and (very) occasional guest reviewer/blogger.

He is into films from ye olden days when dinosaurs roamed the earth (or maybe at a time significantly later than that..), mainly 16mm films, and he has several projectors and movies/shorts which he has forced me to watch lovingly shown me on many occasions. (Okay the films are really cool and I'm more than happy to watch them!) He has an apprenticeship at Cadbury's (chocolate, yum!) as a fitter & turner and baffles me everyday with his explanations on how things work - my brain was not created for machine-knowledge!

He is a very funny, caring person and I hope that one day he may write his own bio for this page instead of leaving me to do the dirty work. ;)

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Please contact us with any questions. Mine and Jared's emails can be found below:

Myra - piecesofwhimsy(at)hotmail(dot)com

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