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Fraction of Stone by Kelley Lynn Blog Tour - Review + Giveaway

Fraction of Stone (Fraction of Stone #1) by Kelley Lynn

Fraction of Stone (Fraction, #1)Title: Fraction of Stone

Series: Fraction of Stone #1

Author: Kelley Lynn

Published: 21st March 2013 by Sapphire Star Publishing

Source: E-Copy from the author for an honest review


There is only one among the Tarmack nation with the ability to wield magic, eighteen-year-old Rydan Gale. He lives like a prince, cherished for his talent to bend the fabric of the universe to his will. In the war against the Liasam, he is their ultimate weapon. 

The Liasam have a source of magic as well, but Akara’s mastery of her power is rudimentary at best. With a brilliant display of fire-rain Rydan’s side wins the war, giving the Tarmack sole control over dwindling resources due to the natural disasters ripping apart the earth. 

When Akara is sentenced to death, Rydan questions the motive, and discovers the leaders of the newly unified nation fear magic above all else. With war a memory, his skills no longer needed, Rydan suspects he is next. Throwing away every comfort, he pulls Akara from the flames of her execution and their lives as fugitives begin. 

Both have a tattoo on the back of their neck, the mark of an extinguished tribe. They discover the natural disasters plaguing the world are due to the tribe’s demise and only Rydan and Akara can save the crumbling world.

But the greatest obstacle for saving mankind isn’t the bizarre creatures and determined men hunting them.

It’s that Akara doesn’t believe the world is worth saving.

My Review

I loved this book from the first few lines. It wasn't that they were amazingly gripping, or superbly written, or full of intense emotions, they just really connected with me. There's a certain feel to this piece which is both beautiful and haunting and being able to feel that all the way through was just gorgeous.

The two main characters were Rydan and Akara, to very exceptional young people whio grew up in completely different circumstances. At first I thought Rydan was a bit uppity, but then I grew to knew him and realised I was comparing him too much to Akara and his pampered lifestyle had given him a different perspective on life. Rydan was caring, loyal, trusting, and so many other wonderful things. Akara was almost the complete opposite. She was dark, brooding and believed there was no one in the world who was worth saving. As the story progressed these characters grew a lot and they began to adopt the good, strong characteristics of each other. The potential inside them was great and I love them both to bits!

Fraction of Stone is a YA fantasy (my two favourite genres) and the story was so compelling and engaging! It wasn't full of action and intrigue, though they were parts of the story, the thing that really got me excited about this book was the content. It was a new idea and really got me thinking, if you had the power to save humanity, yet had spent your whole life being mistreated and abused by everyone you've ever met, would you save it? Is it worth saving every bad person in the world just so one spark of light doesn't go out? It was  such a different, amazing piece and I was blown away by the sheer power of it.

I really loved this book, it was so powerful and gripping and the story was really well executed. I was originally planning on giving it a 4.5/5 but as I wrote up this review, reliving the feeling from this book, I just felt myself falling more and more in love. I can't think of anything that I really disliked about this book! Everything was done exactly how it should've been and I just want more! I'm begging for more! I need to lose myself in this world again because it just so full of emotion and wonder. A solid 5/5.

5/5 Whales

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  1. You have seriously made me clap and cry tears of happiness at the same time! I am so glad this book touched you so. And I promise there will be more :) thank you for taking the time to review my work!

  2. I love a lot of action and like the ideas in the opposites of the main characters. I also am always looking for a good YA book to recommend.
    I appreciated your review. Thank you.