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Ghost by Carole Cummings Blog Tour - Excerpt + Giveaway

Ghost (Wolf's-own, #1)

Ghost (Wolf's-Own #1) by Sara Furlong Burr
NA Fantasy/Paranormal
Published: 4th November 2014

Untouchable. Ghost. Assassin. Mad. Fen Jacin-rei is all these and none. His mind is host to the spirits of long-dead magicians, and Fen’s fate should be one of madness and ignoble death.  So how is it Fen lives, carrying out shadowy vengeance for his subjugated people and protecting the family he loves?

Kamen Malick means to find out. When Malick and his own small band of assassins ambush Fen in an alley, Malick offers Fen a choice: Join us or die.

Determined to decode the intrigue that surrounds Fen, Malick sets to unraveling the mysteries of Fen’s past. As Fen’s secrets slowly unfold, Malick finds irony a bitter thing when he discovers the one he wants is already hopelessly entangled with the one he hunts.​

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Everything was going perfectly so far, exactly according to plan, so Malick was a little surprised when the man’s soft voice—deeper than Malick had supposed, and laced tight with control—came like the point of a knife from the other side of that flimsy screen: 

“Why are you watching me?” 

Good thing Malick lived for the unexpected. Damn, he’d been so careful to appear as though he hadn’t been watching at all. His eyebrows only rose a little as he paused, propped his shoulder to the uneven stone of the wall, and casually crossed one leg over the other, draping his lanky self artistically, and adding a brash grin. For good measure—and better effect—he brushed the long skirt of his duster back to expose the small knife at his belt, propped elbow to hipbone and made a show of inspecting his fingernails. A damned tempting picture he made, if he did say so. 

“Well, good evening to you too,” he drawled. 

The screen jittered then rattled aside halfway. The man stood inside the box, using the screen as flimsy half cover, clad in nothing but a bathsheet and attitude, a hard glare scraping from amber-shot gray eyes ringed in indigo, and spiking through the mist of the bath straight into Malick’s chest. Fuck, the man was gorgeous. The hair was still disappointingly bound, but the wild fringe had come loose again to hang frayed and dripping over the eyes; Malick was surprised the fierce, furious stare didn’t singe the ends. Lamp-tawny droplets of water slipped over hard, masculine lines, lean and long. Abrasions, bruises, and scars—apparent evidence of close wet-work—mottled unevenly but for a heavy swath of thin, silvery stripes on the left bicep, neat and straight, as though they’d been put there apurpose. His chest was hairless, Malick noted with a slight inner-trill, shaped by hard work and padded with mouth-watering rises and ripples as he breathed; the ridges of a tight abdomen stood out in sublime relief, sliding down to those enticing dual grooves beneath the barrier of the sheet where torso became groin. 

Malick let his eyes rove unfettered, taking in every line and swell, lingering too long for manners on the way the sheet bunched in a white-knuckled fist between the man’s groin and the tantalizing wing of his left hip. Gaze skidding upward, Malick took careful note that he couldn’t see the right hand behind the flimsy shield of the screen, and by the way the pectoral on that side quivered tense, the Ghost likely had something very unfriendly clutched in his fist. Malick was ridiculously pleased that the carelessness at which he’d earlier curled his lip was a figment of his own assumptions, and warned himself not to indulge them again. He would likely not live to regret underestimating this Untouchable. 

Why are you watching me?” Bitten out through teeth clenched tight. Such pretty white little teeth, straight and even. Malick wondered if they’d draw blood when they snapped… wondered if he’d like it. Of course, if those full lips were to follow along, soothe the hurt…. 

Oh, fuck me. I really think I want this one.

Author Bio - Carole Cummings

Carole lives with her husband and family in Pennsylvania, USA, where she spends her time trying to find time to write. Recipient of various amateur writing awards, several of her short stories have been translated into Spanish, German, Chinese and Polish.

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